WoW: Opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj

Getting the random rares/uncommons makes it more fun to cash stuff in. I got quite a few just by turning in things that were lying around in my bank. Even got a pair of blue boots I auctioned for 13g. That was nice.

Don’t think so. It’s popular because the personal rewards aren’t bad at all. Faction, decent potions, and greens/blue items. Not too bad, and well worth many peoples’ time/money.

Of course, lots of higher-level playres are eager to play in the instance, but they’re an extreme minority. Most people just want the personal rewards.

You don’t have to be interested in opening the gates. All you have to be interested in is turning in stuff to get rewards. You get a box that will give you one magic item and a couple of magic scrolls for your turn ins. What is so retarded about that? You get a box to open with some random goodies. I guess when you kill a mob and a magic item is part of the loot you turn away in disgust?

In just the first evening on my server some of the turn ins had already exceeded the 10% required mark. I’m betting that a good many of the requirements will be met within the first week. Most servers will probably have the gates open before one month is done.

I think this is going to be a server race rather than a guild race. You might see some servers with horde and alliance cooperating somewhat to fulfill the requirements.

Till my comment there wasn’t mention in the thread about the carrot on a stick.

So now we know it’s a disguised grind. It still sucks, imho.

I guess when you kill a mob and a magic item is part of the loot you turn away in disgust?

If I already killed it 500 times, yes.

“Till my comment there wasn’t mention in the thread about the carrot on a stick.”

So of course your uninformed commentary can be excused because you didn’t know what in the hell you were talking about?

“So now we know it’s a disguised grind. It still sucks, imho.”

So don’t partake if you don’t like it. Here’s a revelation for you – MMOs are never going to get away from the formula that is: time = character gain. No game is going to have brand new adventures for you every night or even every week. There will always be some goals that will require you to invest time to achieve. If you think that sucks, you’re playing the wrong types of games.

So now we know it’s a disguised grind. It still sucks, imho.

Up to a point, the part of the game where you kill things and get rewards can also be called “gameplay.” Not saying it can’t become a grind when it’s excessive and when the player feels more a sense of obligation to do it than anything else; but I don’t think the mechanic is inherently worthless. God knows I’ve had lots of f-word doing it.

Mark, you gotta understand that for complainers like HRose (and to a lesser extent myself) part of the fun of playing these games is getting to complain about them. Of course HRose takes it to an annoying extreme.

So taking away his ability to gripe about WoW would be like taking away your ambush or cheap shot or sap. The game wouldn’t be quite as fun. Complaining is like his special ability. In fact he spent the talent points to get the improved version.

HRose has way more important ways to spend his time than by having fun with a game.

He has bitching to do, people!

Can someone please tell me what the hell creating a small mountain of Baked Salmon has to do with opening a gate?

I’m sure there’s some storyline to it :)

Our server’s Big Guilds ™ have already started working on it - they’re excited, so good on them.

I’m actually more concerned about why a gate would need bandages

You need something to hold the gate open, tying it to a post with bandages seems fine to me.

whew… just so long as it’s not bleeding

Look, there’s still the old test: Would you still participate if it wasn’t for the factional rewards?

People here still have the old habit to confuse the journey with the destination and here the journey pretty much sucks if it isn’t for the reward. This just doesn’t add anything worthwhile to the game that isn’t self-motivated.

I don’t find a “massive farming event” something that motivates me to play or make me enjoy doing it. So I avoid it.

As for me writing without being informed, I just commented on this thread, for what was written on it. That’s pretty much the point of a forum. If there were only some partial informations I can comment only those or bring more informations to complete it. In this case I was reading here for the first time so I knew only what was written here.

Btw, you need bandages and such because from the “lore” point of view they are preparing a war, not just switching a portal on. So they are stocking supplies in anticipation for that war. It’s about the make believe, you know.

Factional rewards, extra loot, and the opening of Ahn’Quiraj.

On my server most people are sitting back letting the 5 or 6 big guilds on the server complete the mat requirements. Only problem is the Alliance side has more people than the Horde side so at the current rate Alliance will be finished within the next 4 weeks and Horde will be finished sometime next year.

It is sadly ironic that the biggest event ever to hit the server is also the biggest grind imaginable. I am sure the professional farmers are rubbing their hands in celebration since linen cloth has now gone from 30s per stack to 6g per stack.

The random items you get from the hand-ins are nice but the city faction increases are mostly useless unless you love collecting other races epic mounts.

So, I’m wondering. What’s the logic behind the resources grind? Are the horde and alliance collectively building a giant robot which will smash down the gate? What’s the peacebloom for? Are they going to have a world event, or will it simply be "Congratulations! You’ve drained enough resources from the economy! " and then the gate swings open?

Because call me old fashioned, but I’d like a tangible reason behind this kind of thing.

I don’t believe the extra loot would be motivating enough or this would turn into a massive dupe when it is instead mostly aimed to remove “leftovers” from the economy.

If you are cashing more than what you are spending, and if every player is in the same situation, this event would be enough to break the game.

So I consider it more like a lottery, where there’s a minority that will receive some good loot and make some cash, while most of the players will waste more than what is returning back to them.

The only valuable element in the whole mechanic is the server participation that builds identity. But there were many better ways to implement something similar and still add something worthwhile to the game instead of an inflated, exalted grind.

And this is not even all because the grind seems to not stop with the opening of the gates. It seems that most of the loot in the two raid dungeons is also attached to a massive factional grind. Instead of starting from “Neutral” as it happened for example with Zul’Gurub, this time you start from “Hated”:

Brood of Nozdormu 0/36000 Hated

Long way to climb up till “exalted”.

As I said, an exalted grind. They polished it nicely but this doesn’t change what it is.

On the other side, this is what I read from the other forum:

There is a HUGEASS laundry list of quests and the like that must be done for the Brood of Noztdramu (sp?) (Bronze Dragon Flight) in order to open the gates, many of which require retrieving items from such places as BWL, MC, the Stormwind Royal Library (thats right, Horde Raids on Stormwind). and other things, as well as insane grindage to faction up your reputation with the Brood.

Yeah, most definitely. I’ve been 60 a long assed time and I want something new to do. They could have me mail Blizzard baked potatoes from my microwave to open a merry-go-round in the plaguelands and I’d do it. Just because you don’t want to go somewhere doesn’t mean that other’s shouldn’t.