WoW or WH?

So, which is better. Please compare the first time you played WoW with the first time you played WarHammer.

Hard to do that, since the first time I played WAR my perceptions are colored (for good and ill both!) by a long time with WoW …

Still, gonna go with WAR. It’s surprisingly fresh-feeling, after the snoozefest of AoC.

Edit: Also, this is still the honeymoon of WAR. This poll would be better in a month :P

The one thing I don’t like about Warhammer is the character customization. Everything just looks a bit ugly to me?
I do love Mythic Entertainment though. DaoC was one of my fav MMORGS of years gone by.

What I’m curious about is how much Rise of the Lich King will upgrade WoW’s graphics and atmosphere (more weather effects?)

Heh. I was considering doing this at RPS, but decided it would probably be taken as flame-bait.


Wow looks 100% better with the graphics upgrades from Wrath. Everything looks more detailed while still keeping the same art direction, and the shadows add a very nice depth to the game.

I played Warhammer from friends and family beta for a good long while, and I just couldn’t get into the game. The classes all felt two dimensional to me, the animations and art just never excited me, the game just never did it for me. Plus, there was something about the controls that made my hands hurt like hell. I could never pinpoint it.

I still hope the game does well enough that the people I know at Mythic still have jobs, but a lot of Barnett’s mouthing off kinda makes me wish it would fail spectacularly. If there is any one person that is doing a bad job of representing a company, it’s him.

I hate WoW with the darkest passion, so it’s not really a contest. I still have much fonder memories of DAoC then I think I’ll have of WAR, but it’s still a pretty great game.

Nice, that’s the first time I’ve heard someone comment on the graphics of WotLK. I kept hearing the art direction and scale of the environments was better but what you say is exciting.

rofl… new MMORPG with new shinnies… vs. old standby before a major expansion. Hm. I wonder who will win this?!?

I actually bought WAR but haven’t activated the retail account yet. To my shame, I’m twinking a female blood elf warlock in WoW.

EA didn’t make WoW, so it’s a no-brainer for me.

Warhammer just… I don’t know. It’s not that it does anything that particularly bugs me, it’s just that every time I load it up, I feel a complete surge of utter non-interest.

Pretty sure they didn’t make WAR either …

Both games have extremely good right-out-of-the-gate fun factors. Both will keep you playing (or at least, they kept me playing) longer than intended. Both made me think about how much I wanted to try other races/classes even as I was leveling up my first character. They are both great games, and both are great even in the first couple of play sessions.

For me, WAR is the better game so far, though. There seems to be a lot more paths of development (WoW has cobbled in a lot – faction rep, the honor system, arena points, etc. – but the question is how they were when you first started playing), on paper at least there’s more replayability (although it’s way too early to actually have tested that), and PvP seems well-integrated from the ground up and right from the start. It has the benefit of refining on WoW’s formula and does that well. The addition of things like open parties and public quests is huge.

So embarassing. In my defense though, I’m doing the recruit a friend with an actual friend, and not two-boxing it with a poopsock.

I’ll start up WAR eventually; I did buy the damn box after all. But having played the beta off and on, I’m going to give it a month or two for polish.

I’m sticking with WoW and enjoying the last month of not having to level.

I’m sure Warhammer is lovely, but I just don’t have the inclination to start again from scratch.

I haven’t played WH so I won’t vote here, but having played WoW for awhile I can honestly say I’d rather play Neverwinter Nights.

Sure they did. Mythic is a wholly owned subsidiary of EA.

You know, poopsock is probably one of those magical words where even if you don’t know what it means, you know what it means.

Warhammer is more fun and accessible at low levels than how WoW was at the time.

Right now it isn’t even a match.

The better game is still WoW because it has a degree of polish and attention to the detail that Warhammer only tries to vaguely imitate.

WoW at launch was a magical, wonderful world. When you could connect and stay connected, of course.

I think people who are voting Warhammer have forgotten the magic of WoW all those years ago.

There really is no comparison.