WoW: overwhelming?

Ok, should I stop reading crap about wow? I’m going to start it for the first time tonight or tommorrow night, and I’ve been reading up on various aspects while at work (slow day).


Do I need to friggin’ know all this shit? Do I need all theses 3rd party gui whazzits to make the game playable? Are hunters gimped or uber? Which race gets a rifle? who gets a crossbow? Can I switch from one to the other?

Do Dwarves really get to go lvl 1-10 faster due to evberyone else getting totally fucked on travel times in the newbie areas? SO I can be a dwarf or spend a lot of jogging time?

What is the easiest way to get started, just ignore this junk and play?

Any tips you wish you knew when you started?

If you’ve never played a MMOG before, Yes.

Ingnore all the junk and just play, the basic wow interface has everything a newbie needs. Once you understand things, then you might want to add convience mods.

Any advice? Are you playing on a PvP server? If so, play a Tauren shamin, they are living gods.

If you are on a PvE server, play whatever you want. Shamin are still living gods, but you do not feel it as much (if you are playing alliance).

Maybe you can explain what you want out of the game and we can help you better. I have played every class in the game, although some to low levels only.

I heard you can melt faces with the Shadow Priest.

Another word of advice that I can’t stress enough. READ EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY. Although it can be a lot coming at you at once (especially if you’re really new to MMORPGs) most stuff is spelled out to you quite clearly in the game if you just pay attention. I know that many of us have the urge to click away out of impatience, but seriously, they’ve made it quite user friendly in that respect.

A couple of good resources if you get stuck on quests, or you want to find out more precise locations of mobs and npcs, as well as teh lewt infoz:

I have no idea what I want out of it, I just wanted to see what all the hubbub was and COH is grating on me. Something with loot would be nice for a change. I’ve played UO and SWG and AO and COH. COH is ‘ok’ the other 3 pretty much blew, though UO had a lot of features noone else has been able to match (I played it like it was ultima7, and had some fun but paying the monthly fee for no reason got annoying)

PvP servers allow total free for all PvP 24/7? That’d be interesting and I’d likely play there if so, thouhg I dont really PvP I find it asinine that players cant fight on a whim in most MMOs. I mean I know WHY they restrict it but I’d rather them let everyone do whatever and ban as needed than just disallowing attacking players w/o permission, or COH’s idiotic arenas. Some heroes NEED killed or at least chain held for hours for dicking up a TF.

Just play. Follow the on screen stuff, ask for help in-game, /ignore anyone who can’t spell to avoid the inevitable STFU NOOBs, and explore at your own pace.

If whatever you’re doing isn’t working for you, try another character or another race - you’re not committed forever by a single choice.

Eventually it’ll all mesh.

whoa, they have quests that require thought? Is that what you mean by ‘get stuck on’? That’d be a first and very cool. Not a ton of fedex stuff then?

I think my mistake is even looknig at the plugin things. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ABOUT? It makes me hot tasty rolls?

"ARM is an extended version of Lelek’s Raidroller. It has two modes for rolling on items;

  • One Common Roll
  • Seperate Roll per Member

The Common roll does the same as Lelek’s Raidroller, with one difference: you can with ARM, not only have 1 number per member, but can choose between 1 and 100 numbers per member. It then does one roll from 1 to the highest number and finds who the winner is.
Example with 10 numbers: Member1: 1-10, Member2: 11-20, Member3: 21-30 (and so on)

The Seperate roll per Member does one roll from and to a selected range ( default is 1-100 ) for each member of the party or raid, and finds the one that was rolled highest for.

OH and thanks for the links, I hate hate allakazwhatever, but the other site is useful.

WoW is very well designed to get you into the game easily and quickly, and then adds depth as you play.

You don’t need any external tools to get you to level 10. Once you hit level 10, you’ll be pretty comfortable with the basics and may want to add an interface tool or start planning out your talent tree.

It all just goes from there - you’ll eventually want to reference Thottbot to get a headstart on certain quests (if that’s what you’re in to) or to spoil certain things (again, not required). You’ll learn your class well enough to know what interface elements you want/don’t want/need augmented by external tools.

It all flows very naturally, but the first step is just to play. Maybe you won’t even like it.

I 99% sure I wont like it actually. I’ll play to 10 though to see. I have some buddies that love WoW and hate MMO’s so who knows… but then they also liked the other blizzard stuff and I havent really other than Blackthorne.

Anyhow there is a chance I can shoot at elves with a rifle, right? what could go wrong!

Pretty much just play. You can’t gimp yourself permanently until level 10 when you get your first Talent point, and even then it costs like one gold to respec your Talents the first time anyhow. And it takes no time at all to level up a character a bit, even to level 10, so you you can experiment a bit (and you should).

PvP isn’t quite 24/7 free for all, even in theory. There are zones where you will be susceptible to attack at any time, and zones where you have to have your PvP “flag” set in order for you to be attacked. Most importantly, since the introduction of the Battlegrounds and the Honor System that preceded them, casual main world PvP has declined enormously (at least on my PvP server, Tichondrius), so much so that IMO it has killed the attraction of playing on a PvP server for the most part.

A few things:

In my experience it’s fastest to level a dwarf/gnome or on the other side Undead. This is due to the fact that all of the quest materials are close by as compared to, say for instance, the freaking Barrens.

What would you like the character to do?

I started a month ago. I have only added one 3rd party plugin since then (and it’s really, really minor) just because, but otherwise I haven’t payed any attention to all the novels about this game everywhere. I’m level 34 and a “Private” (I’m on Shadow Moon, a PvP server.)

I’m doing pretty average, really. Later on I might want to become really “l33t” about everything, but right now I’m just playing for fun.

I suggest you use the same steps I did:

  • Start the Game
  • Pick a race that sounds fun
  • Pick a class that sounds fun
  • Pick a profession that sounds fun
  • Play game. If someone says something is best (ie- Tauren Shaman) ignore them completly. If someone says something is gimped (ie- Warriors) ignore them completly. In general, ignore all value judgements you hear. Include mine.

You can NOT gimp your character. If you picked a profession and later decide it sucks, unlearn it and learn another one. If you spent your talent points (aka stat points) in things that you later decide aren’t worth it, “respec” (costs gold, but by the time you want to do this gold won’t be an issue.) and reallocate everything.

WoW is very accessable and it’s essentially impossible to make a choice that will haunt you for more then like 30 minutes.

Chris Woods

Read this to learn MMO lingo:

Specifically, I can’t stress enough how important it is to understand the concept of aggro and learn how to either maximize your own (if you’re a tank) or minimize it if you’re any other class.

But other than that, WoW is really easy to get into. It was my first MMO, and I got the gist of it within hours. You’ll likely get to level 10 in about five hours of playing or so.

This is very good advice.

Also, avoid the official forums.

Like everyone has said, just dive in. If you’re still playing in a couple months you’ll seek out the finer tuned info and understand what it means.

Admittedly I play on a carebear server so there was never much pressure to worry about getting “good” quickly or to roll a character in the most effective way.

Fish, hunt, shoot stuff. Not play in groups 80% of the time. I think I’ll have fun w/ a dwarf hunter… Does he start in a snowy area? Dumb question, but one of my main reasons for wanting to check out wow is atmosphere. CoH has none, aside from the Super-anime-barbie-in-GTA3-land look the graphics have, which isnt something I’d have gone for in a comic book game, but whatever.

I think WoW is very newbie friendly. My wife and I have 3 characters each at 20th level and we don’t use any GUI mods, talent tree calculators or anything. We only play PvE, so none of that is overly important, I guess. We have no problems and never feel gimped. We often have equipment that is several levels below our own. We still have a blast.

They sure do. So do gnomes.

Yep, Dun Morogh, prettiest zone in the game IMO.