WoW preorder ~$30 @

I was toying around with Froogle and found Walmart listing a pre-order for $32.80.

As far as I can figure the only catch is your copy might arrive a week later than the release date.,1

And you have to sell your soul to the devil by shopping at Walmart. :wink:

The game is listed for $49.82. So, I guess it’s not like that anymore.

hhmmm. that’s interesting Kunikos. I tried registering as far as I could without actually clicking the “purchase” button, and it still says 30$ base price. (about 4$ for S&H + tax). It’s not giving me any indication of the purchase not going through so far.

I wonder if it’s a bug? I also wonder if they’ll just charge me 30$ and never send me a copy of WoW if that’s the case. I’m waiting to put any money down until I’ve played beta anyways, so perhaps it will be fixed by then. If not I’ll revisit the issue.

I saw three different versions. A collectors edition for like $70, a regular for like $50 and then a regular for like $30 that released a week later than the other two.


I’m still only seeing the collector’s edition and the normal one. Where do you see this fabled $30 edition?

Hmm its gone now. It was there though, when this thread was first posted. I looked at it and thought about ordering it, but I didnt.



I’m not seeing it on their site. Does anyone know what the difference between the three versions are (besides $40)?

did you notice it has no SKU for it?
“Wal-Mart Item #: 000000000”

to anyone who orders it, i’d be interested if they actually deliver on it. i never saw this entry when i searched for “world of warcraft” so I wonder if this is a mistake…

no SKU on either the $29.82 (11/22/04) link or the $49.82 (11/16/04), nor for the $78.82 (11/16/04, collector’s edition. pretty typical for walmart and pre-release products.

FYI: that $29.82 item turns out to be “World of Warcraft Time Card PC” rather than the game itself. should still have time enough to cancel if you “pre-ordered” when it said it was the game itself. :)