WoW PvP: How's it going?

My main is an Orc Hunter. I’ve got about 8400 lifetime HK on him. I never PvPed much before patch 1.12 because I was on the more populous side of my server and had to suffer through 1-2 hour queues. Since the patch hit I’ve gotten the epic pvp shoulders (13k honor) and a black raptor mount (30 tokens from each BG). I’ve got another 16k honor now, and I guess I’ll pick up the epic pvp chest piece (20k or so) around the time the expansion hits.

As a BM hunter with a few purples I tend to top the charts in every BG I play in. That said, I try to only play AB because it’s the most fun for me. I guess it is a good fit for a hunter’s strengths. AV in my BG is a pretty pathetic race to kill the boss and the horde usually loses, so I don’t go there often. It seems to be the BG of choice for all the honor farmers I know. Some of them afk through it, others go to the caves and kill greens for coin until the BG is over.

As the expansion gets closer I’ve started to see more and more world PvP action. I don’t know if lots of people have just finished off their rank 13 sets or something. Whenever I go to farm elites in the Plaguelands there are a ton of alliance around.

I got my first 20k honor or so as a pure PvP BM spec. I got a little bored with PvP and decided to convert my hunter to a gold farmer. I respecced for a durable pet and sustained DPS (39/12/0 with a Wind Serpent) and while I can grind elites all day I was amazed to find that I still rock in the BGs. I like to think I’m just awesome, but maybe hunters are just easy now…

Anyone else enjoying themselves?

I burned out on the post 2.0 pvp grind after getting an Unstoppable Force for my warrior. I’m getting the itch again though, partly to see how I fare with the Noobclub (with Noobsader enchant!) compared to my old Noobspear, and partly because I specced for Second Wind and find myself wishing I were stunned more often in PvE so I get the effect more often. (With Second Wind, you get 10 rage and 10% of health back every time you are stunned, or something like that.)

I will probably dive back into some more AVs soon and maybe get a don julio’s band or something. One thing that makes me dread it is the endlessly annoying AV raid chat. “OMG you guys suck!!! Everybody in this BG sucks except for me!!! OMG learn to D!!! Oh god just let them win already!”

I rather wish they would implement a “big brawl” battleground with no final goal and no reason to strategize, just an ongoing melee of pvp carnage that you can enter and leave at will.

I am kind of burned out too. I got to commander with my pally, and I am so sick of the BGs it not even funny. After the 2.0 patch I got about 65k honor on my pally, but then only managed to get 10k honor on my warlock before I stopped playing.

The problem is that the battles are all the same. AV always works out the same way, AB is only fun and challenging if you have a good organized PvP team and so does the other side. WSG is just stupid.

I can’t possibly say this strongly enough, GET A WEAPON!! Most of the armour pieces you’ll replace fairly early in the expansion, but most of the current PvP weapons you could keep for a very long time (even to 70 depending on your class and quests you take). I’ve got more epics than I can shake a stick at, including full tier 2 and one or two Naxx items. I’ve also got the beta, I’ve hardly played it much (I think I’m level 63 or something) and I’ve already been replacing my armour, I got a pair of boots that are better than my Bloodfang boots before I hit 61. Spending your honour on armour pieces is mostly a waste (chest and pants might be exceptions, depending on your class) but I can pretty much guarantee you won’t replace the weapons till 66 or 67 at the earliest.

The new PvP scoring is a huge hit IMO. I dont think it has done anything to increase the fun factor of the BGs, but it has given them purpose for many players.

I think they will nerf honor gains and/or increase prices on the TBC PvP stuff though. Right now good groups are getting ~2k/honor an hour and at that rate you can get all of your non-arena stuff much too quickly.

Yeah, the new PvP system is much improved. The only problem, as noted in this thread, is boredom and burnout as players grind for honor. If you want honor points, you go to the BGs – world PvP just can’t compare for point accumulation. Since there are only three BGs, you’re going to do them over and over again and if that’s all you’re doing, you’re going to get tired of it. And for a lot of us, at level 60, about all we have left to do in terms of character improvement is grind for honor points or raid.

They really need to make new maps for the three BGs and rotate them in and out. The expansion will help a bit too, as the world PvP has more meaning and its own separate rewards, so there will be more of it and it will be more meaningful. Getting a fourth BG and Arena combat will help too. BTW, does anyone know if Arena kills will also give you honor points? Or is Arena stuff all self-contained? From the little I’ve done of Arena, it’s kind of fun.

See, I thought this thread was about PvP. Instead it’s about phat lewt.

Same as above. Must love phat lewt.

And gold farming, of course.

Going into this patch I had the hunter epic bow/staff (rhok/lok) and the t2 hat. I’m replacing my weakest blue (i.e. my BRD chest piece and LBRS shoulders) first. I think the pvp weapons will only be a marginal boost for me.

EIGHT THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED KILLS. Did you read that part? How about where I said I far prefer AB to AV even though AV is the preferred solo method for easy honor? I’m doing this for fun, not for loot. The loot is incidental.

How about this? My guild regularly sets up 10-15 man honor farm teams but yet again I prefer to solo. I only vaguely alluded to this before, but the reason I converted my hunter to a gold farmer was because A) He won so much in PvP the excitement was wearing off and B) I wanted to respec my druid to a different PvP spec (to Feral from Balance) and I figured the hunter would be able to earn the 40g to respec that much faster. Turns out farming gold on the hunter got me interested in him again. 200 gold and a few thousand HK later and I still haven’t bothered logging the druid back on to respec.

Why did you jump in this thread HRose?

On a crunchier PvP note - does anyone ever have any success with a “hold 3” strategy in Arathi Basin? Every game I’m in there’s some Napoleon or Sun Tzu telling me to take 3 and hold them, and that only gets us a small lead that can easily be broken in the second half of the game. I prefer to go for broke and take at least 4. Sometimes it backfires, but most of the time I feel it works. It helps that I can take down defenders at the weakest node (usually Stables, Mine, or Mill) 2v1 if I do it right. I love my cooldowns.

But your weakest blue will be replaced in a matter of hours once you start on the Outlands stuff, I’m not kidding. The best investment for pretty much everyone is the weapons even if they’re marginal upgrades.

I get that “better stuff is just around the corner”, but can I expect that for every slot? I specifically have a weakness in the chestpiece. How quickly will it be replaced? I’d really love an excuse to get the HWL bow and/or axes.

If you are playing a good team, or a better team even, holding 3 is really the only way to win. We always start off taking 3 if we are up against what looks to be a good team. And then after that, assuming we get our 3, we see if we can get 4, or even 5 if its a PUG with no cohesion.

I much prefer the new system, grinding my way toward some of the Grand Marshal weapons right now. They are actually achievable by people with lives now, which is great.

27K kills on my Alliance mage and counting…

A lot of teams are content to hold three, but it takes a long time to win that way and it’s a risky strategy, very vulnerable to zerging. You only need to lose one spot and then you’re on the back foot.

Four is the realistic tipping point for hold-and-defend. It gives the enemy only one spot to spawn from (although if this is the blacksmith it’s still a problem for defenders), the clock ticks much faster and you have a little margin for error. The way to hold four usually is three at each spot with a three-man always-mounted “rapid response” force that can move quickly to any flag that’s getting hit.

What olaf said. Don’t get greedy against a pre-made unless you’re sure you can pull it off. Many matches get lost by failing to guard what you have effectively enough when you could have won it had you done so.

If they zerg, you need to know when to cut the loss and hit them where they’re weak, hopefully before they even cap the flag.

Of course, choosing the right three is critical. The best three represent a holy trinity of sorts: BS, Farm, LM – in that order if you’re alliance. No other combination of 3 is close to as easy to defend. You should park spares in the crossroads between them so they can respond as needed almost instantly.

Most of my games are pug vs pug anyway… whenever I’m up against a premade I tend to ninja mine or stables just to delay my loss by about 30 seconds. Group vs. group games… we just start by slamming BS with our raid tank / healer and sending a group each to mill/mine. Like I said though, I rarely group up unless you count inviting one or two buddies to come along with me.

Loving the PvP system - genuinely enjoying combat on my somewhat undergeared Shaman.

Mind you, I’m not surprised the OP is enjoying it - Hunters are fucking insane.

Hunters and Warlocks, jesus christ. Somebody stop them.

Depends on your current gear, faction, class, drops, etc. Mostly depends on what your current gear is, if you’re running around in blues, yes you’ll find upgrades for them quickly. There are many green items which are better than blues and even rival purples. Will it be better than the GM chest, perhaps, perhaps not, do some research on thottbot or wowhead, I believe both have beta items. If you’ve got full GM gear eventually you’ll replace everything, generally the weapons will be last though.