WoW PvP Revamp Broken?

So yesterday’s WoW patch included the new PvP revamp, in which honor is calculated daily and then spent to purchase rewards, replacing the old rank system and the PvP grind. Unfortunately none of my characters seem to have gained any honor points yesterday, although they all did some PvP. The stats haven’t updated from yesterday either so it looks like honor didn’t get calculated.

The WoW forums are massively abuzz with this but no official response as yet.

Does anyone know anything about this? Is it just a wait and see kind of thing? Is it worth doing PvP now before this is fixed?

My real question is how honor gains will stack up. The word from PTR is that new honor = 10% of old honor but I have no confirmation of that.

New honour system? Bleh, the one thing keeping me from going back to WoW was the fucked up PVP. Good thing it sounds like it’s still not fixed.

I’ve heard that it takes about an hour of constant PVPing to get about 1k honor points.

Yeah, no points for me yesterday. Luckily the servers were down all day and I only played 20 minutes of PvP. Now, if my hour of AB from this morning doesn’t count then we have a problem :P



No treeform dance animation. :(

I chased a tree halfway across AB and didn’t even dent it :(

I played 1 round of WSG yesterday, which lasted probably around 20 minutes, and the honor tab approximates that I got ~225 honor points. (They haven’t actually been awarded yet, mind you.)

I’m sure that it would be pretty easy to speed up that rate with better gear, more familiarity with their build (since mine is new as of yesterday), and more focus on killing rather than objectives.

Even still, I think it’s pretty promising that after one experimental round, I’ve already accumulated 2% of honor cost one of the top-level epic PVP items I want (boots, shoulders), assuming the honor estimates are accurate.

New talents ARGH for healing priests. 15% higher max heals (which we don’t need) and an 80% boost in mana usage on downranked stuff. So now, your friendly healbots can’t do damage OR heal efficiently. Hopefully the better gear in TBC will fix this problem, but raiding is going to be rough for a while.

Why the hell they still use honor estimates? Why they cannot give you points right away?

I assume it’s because they’re still using diminishing returns for pvp against individual targets, but I don’t know that for sure.

If that’s true, then for whatever reason that requires nightly calculation. Why they couldn’t apply an algorithm for that on the fly is beyond me. But that was the reason before, and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason now.

It might also be an intentional abstraction to prevent people from stopping immediately once they cross a threshold. If you’re not sure of your exact honor total, and if you aren’t actually awarded the currency until the next day, then you’re not likely to abandon BG’s when you hit the threshold to by your shiny new axe, thus screwing your own team.

But again, this is just my speculation.

That’s weird, it works fine on the beta server. :\

Ah, well good to know they coded it in anyway.

Now where’s my furbolg dance??

What they’ve said on forums suggests it’s due to limitations of the database servers, and considering the difficulty of implementing persistent weapon buffs that’s not hard to believe.

Yeah everyone I was pvping with this morning kinda figured it would start updating regularly tomorrow morning. This morning was skipped because of the server problems last night I’m guessing.

I’ve heard that it takes about an hour of constant PVPing to get about 1k honor points.

Only an hour? That’s not bad. Unless you need like 4 million honour points to buy a rusty dagger.

20-40k for the purple honor rewards.

22500 honour and 30 AB tokens for the rank 14 dagger. I am so, so getting that puppy. That razorsharp, gleaming purple, murder puppy.

HWL spellblade. Mmmmm-mmmmm.

So with queue times being what they are in some BattleGroups (15 minute queues for Allies, 1 minute queues for Hordies), does that mean the horde, on average, with get their PvP rewards that much quicker, or is there some sort of balancing act when it comes to the honor calculation?

I think this says more about you than the tree of lol you chased (20% speed reduction ftw!?). ;P

Also, apparently the talent trees in the 2.0 live are the older stuff thats not the latest in the beta. So maybe they havent added in the twist tree dance for live. All this does it push me to play test the beta more than I have been (which is practically nill).