WoW: PvP rewards change

In a move that HRose predicted while still in the womb, Blizzard has decided that PvP reward access will now be based on your highest lifetime rank, rather than your current rank. In other words, losing PvP ranks on the ladder will no longer cause you to lose the ability to use the PvP rewards you previously earned. Unlock it once and it’s yours for life. No word on whether they’re going to rebalance any of the rewards in light of that change (my guess is no).

While I’m on the subject of WoW, what the fuck is up with all the Frostwolf queues lately? I just tried to log in at 9:45 PACIFIC time on a weeknight and hit a 280-person queue. Don’t you people have jobs?

This is awesome news for casual PVPers like myself.

Yeah, me too.

Summer time, it’s the crazy kids out of school.

This really sucks for the higher players. Previously there was only one Rank 14 player (assuming the server had developed to that point). That player gained the pleasure of knowing that noone else was as highly ranked as him or had as good of PvP-reward gear as him.

Now, instead of there being a set number of players at the different ranks, who knows how many players will be at each rank. The top ranks especially will be greatly cheapened.

It also encourages temporary catassing. You just go PvP crazy for 1-2 months, build a very high rank, and then you can quit PvPing. There’s no point of continuing further with respect to building your rank.

Six months later a Rank 12 player who works his ass off each week is going to be pretty pissed about a Rank 12 player who hasn’t killed a single member of the opposing faction in 4 months. But I guess then Blizzard will just change the system again… there’s nothing like doing work to “fix” and “refix” something when there’s nothing wrong (with respect to what the changes are addressing) with the system in the first place. How about making a good tire instead of patching phantom holes?

Talking to StrokerAce today he brought up a good point about MMOflation. There are too many epics and yadda yadda running around right now, and as better items get introduced in new content it’s going to need to be rebalanced over and over again.

A good example of this is an epic 2h hammer reward for getting exhalted with frostwolf clan (info came from alliance source, I only know of my horde faction gain). Apparently any player on Archimonde right now anyone even resembling a catass has already farmed faction for it. Pretty easy, as far as catassing goes, to obtain I hear. (And this easy access to an epic weapon invalidates all other outlets of sub 60DPS 2handers.)

I wouldn’t mind item decay getting introduced. With you know, maybe like a blacksmithing or leatherworking item that’s really rare for anyone who gets epic / artifacts they wish to extend the life on.

I understand the whole loot inflation thing and why it’s a bit of a problem, but I don’t really see a way around it. Players want to continually improve their characters. No one would want to run the upcoming Blackwing instance more than once if the loot in it wasn’t equal to or better than current high end loot.

And as much as many players dislike seeing uber loot devalued by the introduction of new uber loot, just as many (probably more) dislike item decay.

I like to continually improve my character. Getting new abilities, new loot, etc., is one of the biggest draws that gets me to play these games in the first place. I like the PvP ranking system because it gives me access to some nice stuff and it’s more fun to be a “Blood Guard” than a “Grunt”. I like the faction rewards system in AV because it gives me a realistic shot at some high-end gear. When I play I feel like I’m making a bit of progress towards those things and it’s satisfying.

True, but how about the casual player who also put serious time into PvP? Wouldn’t it be pretty shitty if you had spent hours and hours to build up your PvP rank so you could get one particular item, only to have that rank stripped away because you couldn’ t play for one reason or another for a few days? The current system caters to the hard-core, which is the minority in most cases. This change looks to be a step in the right direction: catering to skill and determination, not to the addict who has nothing better to do than play WoW day and night.


One small thing to note:

From what I’ve read on the Blizzard forums, you don’t keep your highest rank, it still decays, but you do keep your ability to wear the gear you accessed at that rank.

I guess that means that you still need to PvP to maintain your cool prestige title, but not to wear the gear.

Seems fair enough to me.

Right, that was my understanding. That also means you can’t PvP for a while, take a big break, then come back and PvP to continue making progress–you’ll have lost ranks during the break and will have to make up all that ground before you can start getting new rewards. The change is just that once you’ve unlocked a piece of gear, you can use it forever.

“Once you buy a prize, it’s yours to keep.”

I think its a good idea, I always thought it was lame you could lose the ability to wear gear you earned. I dont think it helps casual players though. In order to move up you have to consistently have higher and higher standing from week to week. A low standing one week, or a 0, really fucks you.

Getting rank 14 legitimately is still a huge undertaking.

That said, I believe the PvP gear is a little overpowered right now considering this change, especially with the changes made to the rank 14 weapons.


Well at least that is a good move. I love the PvP BG’s but really don’t have the time to invest to be a high ranked PvP player.

Maybe the new instant BG join will help but I’d prefer to spend my time in high level instances for the most part as they have consistently better loot than anything you can get in BG’s.

Great. Now that I’ve already spent 800g on my epic mount, I find out that I could have gotten one for 90g and not have to cat-ass the rest of my life to keep it.

Ah well.

You’d have to catass to get it in the first place though. It’s probably quicker and easier to just farm for the 800g.

Why do people think that others having what they have cheapens their experience?

I mean every time I read “OH HE DIDN’T WORK AS HARD AS ME TO GET UBER SWORD +1 THEREFORE MY EXPERIENCE IS CHEAPENED” I am reminded of a post on the City of Heroes beta board.

This post read “I think they should take out the Huge size models, because my character concept is to be bigger than everyone else so only I should get to be so hurble durble”

It is a line of reasoning that doesn’t make any god damn sense. But, kiddies like to make sure that only they have the best toys.


Any item based MMO is going to mudflate. Get used to it. In EQ, I had “the best gear” about a dozen times. Every time I managed to get something good, a little while later you could get something just as good from something a hell of a lot easier.

This doesn’t speak well for the future of WoW as a pvp oriented game. The rank-based items and perks were a form of alternate advancement; they were PvP oriented and only people that actively PvP’d could use them. Now there’s no incentive to actively PvP once you have the uberitems. Basically the developers nixed the only PvP retention mechanism in the game and have committed to a fairly standard raid endgame. That’s a shame, since PvP is accessible to casual gamers.

Of course if the PvP gameplay itself was sufficiently fun to retain users that would be different. The experience of playing the game would be its own reward. But it clearly isn’t. Hell the raid game isn’t either, but its very traditional retention mechanism is time-tested and true.

The PVP items were not accessible to casual gamers, and still aren’t, since you have to play more than every other PVPer on your server to beat them in rank.

You don’t have to play more, you have to play better, and you can do it in very small slices of time. That’s why it’s more casual-gamer friendly. You can PvP an hour or two per day and if you’re good, make and sustain a high rank.