WoW PvP: Who's the supreme Qt3 commander?

I recently made rank 10 with my paladin and have been debating over whether or not to go for rank 13 or maybe even 14. I got to rank 10 relatively easily by getting about 100-150k honor per week over the course of 2 or 3 months I guess.

I’d be curious to hear from anyone who has made it past rank 10. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but I’d still appreciate any advice anyone could offer. I’m lucky in that I may have convinced my wife to put in a few hours per day to help me… I’m still working on the buttering up phase right now, but she’s been playing my guy a bit – from what I can tell, there’d be no way I could get past rank 11 by myself without quitting my day job.

I made it to commander back in September with my dwarf huntress. It was harder to get rank back then.

Doing that required me to work in the mornings and dedicate my afternoon, evenings, and midnight hours to PVP with my uber PVP group.

Doing that for 3 months was about all me and my work could stand. Now I just go back every now and then to play in exhibition matches.

I can say without hesitation that you would have to quit your job to get rank 14. Rank 14 is only achievable for the unemployed or the part-time employed who can get friends to play for them while they are at work (that includes undergrad college and highschool students).

Get off the treadmill, shadari. :-)

I have an unemployed wife to help though.

I mainly wanna get to rank 13 to get the armor set… don’t really care about rank 14 that much. Surely, with two people playing it won’t be that hard.

Um, after tagging along on a couple AVs with my warrior back in the day, I made grunt. :-/

WoW’s PvP ladder system is the most diabolical timesink I’ve seen in a game. We have a rank 13 and rank 14 hunter in our guild. The Rank 14 guy actually quit the game for 4 months because he missed a single day of PvP, causing him to slip one ranking. It basically erased several weeks worth of work. So if you start this, you are committed to playing the game every day for 10+ hours until you hit 14.

When the Rank 13 was grinding for 14, there was about 8-10 other people all going for it as well. They had a gentleman’s agreement to not interfere with each other’s progress - they set an order on who would reach 14 every two weeks. If you cannot come to a similar arrangement on your server, you will be wasting a lot of time.

Yeah, screw rank 14… I’m aiming for 13.

My guild on alleria is about to get thier 4th HWL. I am just aiming for rank 10(idling on rank 8 now). The amount of time required for 13 and 14 is insane. To get first place on the horde side requires about 400k-650k honor in one week.

We have lost 2 of our best raiding players to the PvP grind. Sadly one of them wants to achieve Rank 14 and is thinking of quitting their job. To anyone else considering doing this DON’T. It really isn’t worth it.

Really? That’s a serious misplacement of priorities. Unless they work at McDonalds.

There are 2 ways to get Rank 14:

Grind 24 hours a day.


Run 5-caps in AB for 3-4 hours a day.

The latter is easy if you’re in a high-end guild. The former is easy if you live in Kuwait and have your entire family playing your character in shifts.

I made Champion running 5-caps for about 1-2 hours a night with my guild, over the course of maybe a month or two.


Its so not worth it :D

Keep focussed guys! Just play for fun.

you are so banned for saying the f-word

Thats if AB is even played on your server… Even on AB weekend its pure luck to see more than 1-2 games up at any one time.

Thats nuts. Whatever is double honor is usually bustling on my server. Last night there were 6 ABs running. Sometimes there are 3 full AVs running on AV weekened.

Um, I made Sergeant once…

Well I don’t want your advice then, you’re just a grunt and certainly not qualified… :)

Wow… no AB up? You must play on a PvE server or something crazy like that…

Yup, PvE with a pop balance far on the alliance side. It also doesnt help that AB has generally been the one BG the alliance almost always wins. Horde have finally gotten better at AV tho such that its no alliance guaranteed win either. WSG is just a depressing honor grind where alliance is the meat. AV is fun but I do it just to rep up anymore.

I made it to rank 8.

Quitting PvP was one of the best quality of life decisions I’ve ever made.

Is it just me or does no one else hate PvP because of the fact that you have to wait around bored until it’s your turn in the queue?

Ever since they allowed joining multiple BG queues and the wait times have been worse, pretty much the easiest BG to get into is WSG followed closely by AB, but in the intervening time it takes to actually get into the BG I’m supposed to be doing nothing other than some boring farming. If I join an instance run I’d feel like a jerk leaving midway because the BG calls, so that has been one of the reasons I just avoid joining BG queues. How do you guys deal with it?