WoW PvP: Who's the supreme Qt3 commander?


From what I’ve seen the preferred options are:

  1. AFK in Orgrimmar, ignoring all guild chat until the queue pops. If at all possible, lie about your BG-grinding intentions, just claim to be “busy”.

  2. Grind reputation somewhere (Silithus for a lot of my guild).

I’m thinking I could use that down time to help guildie alts quest/level. It’s hard to complain about free help in non-instanced quests, even if the helper bails midway through. I think I’ll strike a balance between that and farming.

Rank 4 here, and dropping.

I’ll help out guildies sometimes while in a queue but yeah I hate waiting in 30-60 minute queues. Thats when you go on a mine/herb hunt to make money. Rank 3-6 might be worth it for some of the items you get and the 100g it takes off of the epic mount price.

I managed to get to rank 11 today. Took me 3 weeks. I actually would have made it in 2 weeks, but I sorta just fooled around the first week after making rank 10 because I wasn’t sure if I was gonna aim higher or not.

Anyway, if anyone’s interested in seeing my blue-equipped gimp, here you go. Note that some of that information seems to be lagging behind by a week or so, that’s why it’s still showing my guy as rank 10.

Bah, alliance. :P

Retire, man. You’ll still keep your pension. Come back to the land of the living.

I’m sorry, but that’s just INSANE. Seriously. Why would anyone want to do this? I love playing WoW, but the idea of spending so much time on a game in order to receive an illusory rank or an illusory piece of loot does not compute.

Catassing, indeed.

I’m playing about 4 hours a night right now. I believe my wife is putting in 2 or 3 right now. We’ll have to pick up the pace a bit towards the end but not much. I was ranked 29th on my server this past week and if I keep that up, that will damn near get me to my goal of rank 13.

Yeah, it’s not worth it.

I was rank 11 (from world pvp) when battlegrounds were first implemented, and hit rank 14 about a month or two before AB was patched in. I was the first on my server.

Since then they’ve added the multiple queue system and eased the progression at the high end, so I expect it’s probably a bit less punishing now than it was back then. I still wouldn’t expect to get 14 while gainfully employed.

As it happened, I was already “between jobs” when the honor system went in, and once i realized I had a very good chance at being the first on the server, I was pretty much locked in. Even when it meant getting up at 5am and playing Warsong Gulch for 14 hours a day, with most of that sitting in the queue.

I felt like I’d gone too far to give up, and I had considerable pressure and expectation from my teammates, friends, and pretty much everyone on the Alliance side.

I was famous for a while, and I suppose its an achievement of sorts, although a pretty fucking ephemeral one. The PvP grind burnt me out on the game and I quit a month or two after getting Grand Marshal.

I played Everquest for a week and a half before burning out (got my set of green scarab armor and I was DONE!). I MUSHed for 2 weeks before burning out.

I guess I have ADD.

“Hey, so you reckon you’ll get grand marshal next week?”

“Wow, you’re almost grand marshal!!!”

“Hey, when do you think you’ll get grand marshal?”

The PvP grind burnt me out on the game and I quit a month or two after getting Grand Marshal.

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This is a really common occurrence in MMOGs. Any game, really, but MMOGs are especially susceptible to it.

I played ATITD for about a year and a half. On of the first tests (quests) released was “The Test of the Bedouin”, which involves running around the world visiting altars. The three people who visit the most each week pass the test. (I’m simplifying quite a bit, of course.) The upshot is that you pass by catassing more than anyone else for a week.

A lot of people quit shortly after passing Bedouin. They’d throw themselves into it, spend twelve hours a day running from point to point, pass…and stop logging in.

Bad game design. The only way to win is not to play.

Personally, I think spending so much time in the game is unhealthy. But maybe that’s just me.

I don’t disagree with you.

If I’d known from the outset what it would involve, I really doubt I would have even considered it. I suppose it requires kind of a compulsive or competitive personality to get sucked into it, and sucked into it I was.

I’ve never played WoW, and I don’t understand this at all. If you get these ranks or level 13 or 14 or whatever, do you unlock new awesome areas or does the game take you in different directions so you get entirely new gameplay experiences?

If not, and it’s just a rank that others can see I’d reached, I think that’d be more like a punishment than anything. Everyone being able to see that I’d “achieved” that would give them too much information about my life, and not much of it flattering.

There are awesome PvP-oriented items that you unlock one level at a time. Rank 14 is the highest, representing the #1 PvPer on the server the previous week. Once you attain this rank for a week, you have the right to purchase all of the special PvP gear available.

I guess the title carries some prestige, but mostly I think it’s the items.

Only while you still hold the rank. Once you fall down to rank 13, you can no longer buy any of the rank 14 stuff (although youc an still use the rank 14 stuff that you bought previously).

So if you make rank 14, have a buttload of cash ready.

Sometimes. Depending on the amount of CP your faction earns it’s possible there won’t even be a rank 14 player for a given week. Anyway, here’s a fun article to read while you’re killing time at work.

So in the distant future, when Blizzard releases some new rank 14 item, you have to grind to rank 14 AGAIN to get access to it? How wonderful.

Maybe they’ll be nice enough to give us an upgrade quest.

Sometimes there are more than one.