WoW PvP: Who's the supreme Qt3 commander?

Yeah, this has been bothering me too.

I’m also kinda concerned that my hard-earned PvP reward items might not be worth a damn compared to all the new stuff being released with the upcoming expansion.

Yep. I heard that on Valentine’s Day (a Tuesday this year) one server had two new rank 14s from the same faction that were husband and wife. Now how cute is that?

Well all of the raiders will have to spend a few months and a ton of gold in repair costs learning the new end game instances to get new gear. If you want the new PvP gear you’re gonna have to get your battleground on. Hopefully there will be new battlegrounds. And not just one!

I wonder if having too many BG maps would be a problem, though, since they’re all competing for the same players. It would be nice to see 10 or 12 different games available, but not if it meant you’d never get into a full game. Maybe on alternating weeks some battlegrounds would just not be available.

I got about 95% of the way into rank 12 (i.e. just a hair away from rank 13) before throwing in the towel in complete and utter disgust. So much disgust, in fact, that I cancelled my account. Don’t get me wrong, WoW is a great game, probably number two on my all-time list, but the grind was just too much. And even though I hate extreme grinding, I am the type of person that will always feel compelled to do it.

To get past rank 12 on a heavily populated server like Illidan, you have to group up AND play about 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was lucky to have my wife helping me, but even so, sometimes coming home after a long day at work, knowing that I had to grind the same two battlegrounds over and over for several hours was just a major downer.

Work was particularly hectic the week before Memorial Day, but despite that, I remember thinking all during that week how I had a 3 day weekend coming up and how I could do some serious grinding. Once the weekend came, I was so totally burned out but I pressed on like a zombie. The next week I knew it was time to call it quits.

We told you so.


comforts shadari and wife

This sounds like the beginnings of a court case!

“Your Honor, the grind stress resulting from playing WoW turned me into an undead monster, seeking only to eat the brains of the living!”

Yeah, I know. :)

I’m just glad that I’m able to play some other games now. My backlog is freaking huge!

I got to Rank 10 before I took a break. I did 6-10 mostly in what are referred to as “custom” groups on my server (a group of good players that stays together and queues together.)

I had a lot of fun, and made some good friends, but it can get monotonous after a while … because you end up playing the same people in the same terrain over and over.

I wish there were more incentive for people to go to different battlegrounds … I would be thrilled if they retired WSG from the game!

That’s only true if you play in the level 60 battlegrounds. It’s not so in the 20-29 or the 40-49 leagues. There, it’s like a dojo, and I have a constant influx of new students. 49 forever, baby!

I got to rank 12 with my warrior, then decided to stop. I’m glad that I did. Getting up to 10 was a breeze. 10 to 11 was rough. 11 to 12 required serious lapses in my RL responsibilities over a period of three weeks. When I considered how much worse it would be for 13, much less Grand Marshall, it was an easy decision.

No game should require you to play 12+ hours/ day, every day, for a period of four to six weeks, to progress. And that’s exactly what’s needed to go from 12 to 14. I know several people who have, and about half of them quit the game within a week of hitting 14. Heck, I’m on a RP server. It’s said to be worse in PvP realms.

It’s so bloody nuts, I’m just waiting for the next “MMO’s Claim Another Victim!” piece on some annoying tabloid news program. It’s a matter of time.

In any case, I’ve quit PvP altogether. The queue times are 90+ minutes for alliance. Once 1.12 hits, and Blizzard sorts queues by gear, too, I suspect the wait will be measured in days. No, thanks.

I think the problem is that you are competing against other people in a contest whose sole measure of success is time. Since there is always someone in the world with more free time then you, you will always lose that contest and there isn’t really anything you can do about that.

If your skill in PvP meant more then the system would probably be much better, (although it would then mean not just anyone could get rank 14) but as it stands I think making rank 14 is literally impossible for most people, and 13 is practically impossible.

Chris Woods

I would even go so far as to say that rank 10+ is impossible for most people.

I reached rank ten without a team to help me out. Occasionally some guildies would join with me but not enough that it really mattered, it was mostly just for fun when they were bored. I had a full-time job and spent 2-3 hours every night watching a movie, plus I raided MC on Fri/Sat/Mon and ZG on Tuesday so I wasn’t doing PvP during primetime those nights. I didn’t attend tons of social events but I still saw my friends regularly. When I quit I was 28th on the server with 44,976 rank points, so a mere 24 rank points from rank 11. For that week, though, I didn’t do much else besides PvP (I still had the job and the movies and raided MC Fri night) but I ended up ranked 19th for the week. Based on the rank points I got I could have soloed to Field Marshal if I really wanted to. But I didn’t. Anyway, rank 10 isn’t so hard to get if you really want it.

Basically the PvP rankings page on is really the “who has the most time” page with a little bit of variation based on skill and equipment, but probably not much. It really doesn’t take a lot of either to advance. What it takes is a willingness to be completely raped in the ear 50 times a night and keep coming back for more. Do that for a few months and you can buy some fancy weapons.

Hitting 10 can be done casually. Even 11 isn’t that bad, but 11-12 is when the grind begins.

It ain’t worth it.

They’re adding new PVP sets. The purple set will automatically be upgraded, but the blue one will have to be repurchased. That means getting back up to rank 10. They’re also adding some new rank 14 items for casters, and you’ll have to grind back up to rank 14 for those too. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I’m still enjoying PvP, and I’m aiming for rank 11 at the absolute highest - with my low point being rank 7-8 (want the boots, pants and gloves - the rest of the set not so much) It seems like the key to enjoying it is realistic expectations, and something to occupy you other than ranking up. The other night, myself, another warlock, and a shaman (both from my guild) got together in AV on defence, and demarcated ourselves as disruptors. We roamed around, luring lone players into ambushes, picking off stragglers marching back from graveyards, ninjaing anything we saw unguarded and generally making the opposing team hate us. The actual enjoyment of PvP and team playing (and being bastards) was the focus, rather than rep or honor.

Indeed Qmanol!

I had a bit of insomnia and played some late night PvP on my server, Mal’ganis. I had a little help from two mages in EJ (The US guild that 7 manned Onyxia). Aside from that, though, I feel really good about what we accomplished. We went into a WSG game as a team of 5, and took out the leading pro-pvp farming guild 3-0 with the help of 5 other randoms (who were bedecked in assortments of blues).

It was a big rush! I’m hoping to get in there with some friends again, soon :D

And on the PvP note: The exaulted AB rep items, and the exaulted WSG are better than anything I have access to in full BWL and MC clears. That’s boots, shoulders, and pants that are better or on par with anything from those two instances. So, the gear disparity doesn’t have to be that bad or grindy if you’ve got a server with short queue times, and you can bare being the underdog. I think the blue sets are getting major upgrades next patch as well! Should be exciting :D

Yeah, the exalted grind is going to be a bit nasty, though - the main advantage being that you don’t lose ground in it like you do with the rank grind.