WoW: QT3 Mini-Census

There’s been some discussion about whether Alliance outnumbers Horde in WoW. I’m pretty sure that there’s scientific data somewhere to suggest that this is indeed the case (according to the Cosmos census on Kil’Jaeden, it’s currently 11K Alliance to 8K Horde), but I’d be interested to see what kind of numbers show up from our little QT3 sampling.

Some of us have alts.

We like playing the game, you know. Not actually being allied to one particular school of thought.

That being said, I hope to get good enough that Jessica Alba notices my l33t WoW skillz. BONERZ!!

Obviously it can also vary by server. People say the Horde outnumber Alliance on Frostwolf. I can’t really tell, although they definitely dominate Stranglethorne and especially Booty Bay.

I fight for Xev!

I don’t find either side particularly compelling, but as a new player I picked Alliance because I figured I would run into fewer dicks playing on the “good” side. The world sure is purty and I like exploring because of that, so at least half of my playtime has been making new characters on both sides as an easy way to explore around the starting locations.

From my experience in mmorpg’s, MOST of the dicks end up on the ‘Good’ side. I dunno if it’s a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ kind of thing, or some kind of latent authoritarian tendencies, since the ‘good’ sides are usually the established civilizations in these games, under siege by the ‘evil’ barbarians, but that’s been my experience. I run into far more assholes when playing as the ‘good’ side, and when playing the ‘evil’ races, frequently come across the genuinely helpful community-minded folks just, if not more, often than the ‘OMG I WEAR BLAK AND KILL U KEKEKEKE’ morons.

I picked the Horde because I figured the Alliance would have more morons. Truthfully, I have alts on both sides, but on my main server I only play the Horde.