WoW: Questing beyond 60

Thanks again for all the help everyone offered in the MMO addiction thread. I figured that one aspect that made the game really difficult to put down was the endless loot runs looking for that least piece of your set. What I thought was a better solution was to actually do quests. Now I know these quests will take you through raid instances at lvl 60, but I won’t be going to the same instance over and over looking for a specific item. I’ll be going to do quests, and if that item I want drops, all is well and good.

Problem is though, the only reason to do quests at level 60 is either for faction rewards, money, or really cool quest rewards. And these are sort of difficult to come by. So I wanted to know what are the cool quests with the good rewards.

At the moment, these are the high level quest chains I’m doing/done:

  1. Completed the Onyxia key chain for the Drakefire Amulet.
  2. Did some of the quests for the Hydraxian Waterlords in Azshara, and I got the quest to go into the Molten Core. So this is still pending.
  3. Completed the attunement to Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.
  4. Doing the chain to kill the bosses in Scholomance, which eventually gives you a choice of rewards, I’m choosing either Darrowshire Stronnguard or Warblade of Caer Darrow.
  5. Also I’m partway through the quest that gives you the Adamantium Breasplate. I’m at the part where I have to get the painting from the Archivist room.

Any other quest chain suggestions?

Silithus? Never saw much of it, but it looks neat.

Yeah, Silithus has the most for now.

There’s a guy hidden in north-east Western Plaguelands who has more quests you can add to your Strat/Scholo collection (once you’ve done his pre-quests he gives you).

That’s actually the one where he needs to get the painting from the Archivist’s room.

Here’s a few other things you could do.

  • Linken - There’s a quest in Un’Goro with a little dude named Linken that’s a riff on Zelda. The quests are 52-56+, it takes you all over the world, and has some fun moments. It’s starts with a raft in the south of Un’Goro.

  • Raze’likh - Go to the border of the Swamp of Sorrows and the Blasted Lands and talk to the Fallen Hero of the Horde. He has a bunch of quests for Blasted Lands, then you get sent to Azshara, and then you come back to the BL for a few final elite quests.

  • Araj - this is a pseudo-boss outdoors in the Western Plaguelands. Just gather quests at Chillwind point and you’ll eventually get to him.

  • Bightcaller - Talk to Highlord Fordragon in Stormwind Keep, who gives you “the First and the Last.” This leads to an outdoor raid boss in the Eastern Plaguelands.

  • Battle of Darrowshire - there’s a bunch of little quests involving “little Pamela” and her doll in the Eastern Plaguelands. It eventually leads to another outdoor raid event in the southern EP.

  • Fordring - you’re already on this chain, but I just wanted to chime in and say the best parts comes after you’ve done the Archivist part and go up to Hearthglen. It’s totally worth going through Strat 5-man for. :)

That’s actually the one where he needs to get the painting from the Archivist’s room.[/quote]

Oh! Ok. I assumed that was one from the guy in the ruins of thingummy (ok, I’m tired) where he’ll make epic kit for you.

One I forgot – if you’re going to be doing Scholo 5-man, you might as well do all the pre-quests for “Dawn’s Gambit.” There are about 10 quests which take you all over the world, ending by beating Vectus in the Scholo viewing room (the one with all the yellow students).

It starts with “Broodling Essence” in the Burning Steppes, has a few trips between BS and Winterspring, then a few Egg collection quests in the UBRS Rookery (LEEEEROY!!!), and then the final quest in Scholo.

Priests will want to do the Dawn’s Gambit line especially, as one reward is the Dancing Sliver.