WoW: Question about subscriber numbers

I was looking at one of the other threads (I think it was about the PvP honour system), and someone linked to :

I was just wondering how accurate these number are, as it states the total number of players as 1,506,360 (which I assume this is the total number of characaters created accross all servers.

Now if every account only has 2 characters then then that would be just over 750,000 retained accounts (still an amazing acheivment) , but still less than the 800 000 boxes Blizzard has said that hey have sold in NA. This number goes down of course if you consider that a lot of people have more than 2 characters, and will go up if you assume only one character per account.

I know before I left I had about 8 characters.

As much as I really hate anecdotal evidence, of the 20 or so people that I know who bought WoW, only half of them are still playing the game, the other half quitting for as many of the reasons discussed here. Granted a large percent of that group were new to MMORPG’s.

[EDIT] I also noticed that the largest proportion of level range is between (1-10) which I assume is mostly composed of rarely used ALT characters since the time it takes to level up past 10 is minimal.

FWIW, Blizzard reps have repeatedly and emphatically stated that the WoW Census numbers are unreliable, inaccurate, wrong, Satan-spawned, etc. So I have no idea how reliable they are, only that Blizzard says they are bogus.

Of course, like most MMO providers Blizzard/Vivendi hasn’t released detailed numbers and breakdowns of the user base, so who knows?

Proabbly because the census can only count characters, not players.

I think they are accurate. Enough to determine the Alliance outnumbers the Horde 2 to 1 on most servers. Blizzard wont talk about that because they have nothing to gain from it. They can say the census figures are inaccurate but they dont dare release their own numbers.


Why ARE there more Alliance players? I personally think the Horde models have much better character design and are more fun to play.

Why ARE there more Alliance players? I personally think the Horde models have much better character design and are more fun to play.[/quote]
I’m guessing because for every person with your opinion, there are 2 people with the opposite one :)
Personally, I’d never play any horde character except for a Tauren, since I think the rest look absolutely ridiculous. I also wouldn’t play a human male, because I can’t find a face that’s even remotely interesting. They all seem to be crying out to be named “Moustachio”

All the human males are harelips.

Whoever mirrored the face models/textures should be fired.

I agree. If I hadn’t already wanted a beard, I would’ve chosen one just to cover up that ridiculous face.

Well, Vivendi has released new numbers (PDF here)

Saying they now have more than 750,00 subscribers and nearly 825,000 copies sold in North America.

Only losers play humans in MMOGs anyway :D

Gnomes rule ! 8)

Doesn’t everyone have about 5 characters. I have four myself and if I were having major server issues and had to go to another server I would have made up four more probably. Take four off that list because I’m currently not subscribed. I don’t know anyone that has less than 3 characters so if that’s ACTIVE accounts there I bet they’re not doing so well at the resubscription rate.

Personally, I have 9 on Blackrock alone. :)

People play Alliance because:

Humans are always a popular race

Dark (Night) Elves are always a popular race

Hot females are always a popular choice, and the Horde has none, so if you want to play a hot looking female in game it will be a NE or a Human.

The game was built for the Alliance initially. Content and balance reflects this, I think. The Horde has caught up but its not there yet.


I have 5 characters. Have consigned 2 of them to the eternal void because Hyjal never seems to be up when I log on.