WOW Raiding


It’s only funny 'coz it’s true.

It’s not funny at all. It’s about as insightful and amusing as any random tween’s post on Penny arcade is funny roughly 15% of the time, and that wasn’t one of the good ones.

but is it cruel?

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I haven’t the energy… be happy that I refrained from posting [insert strip search joke here].

HAHAHA! Joke about nerfs! Joke about too long instances with leetspeak! Joke about Shamans! HAHAHA!

Bo. Ring.

Does “looking for group” code count as leetspeak?

Say what you want about the comic itself, I agree with the news post, and I’m the same way. I get to mid 40s, and I tend to jump to an alt. Because I know what’s waiting for me, and I don’t care.

You do care about the long grind, though?

Being level 60 isn’t great… unfortunately NOT being level 60 isn’t great either.

Well…not really. But it does count as something. And whatever it counts as, I’m opposed to it.

But I don’t really find it to be a grind. Not until the mid 40s anyway. Before that, I just enjoy existing in the world, playing with the combat system, and progressing through the quests. After 40, that slows down to the point where it does become a grind, which is where I lose interest. Rested helps a bit, but the quests get pretty poor towards the higher levels as well.

After 40, that slows down to the point where it does become a grind, which is where I lose interest. Rested helps a bit, but the quests get pretty poor towards the higher levels as well.

Yeah after level 45 ish I live off rested exp. Its the only way to go for me.

It takes about 7 days to fill up a full level of rested and the max rested is 1.5 levels which takes 10 days to get.

Just some food for thought.

Oh I know, rested is how I have a rogue at 54. But that doesn’t change the fact that my rogue has no interesting quests. And god, sillithus is horrible.

Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon.

Since this is my second time doing it I am just grinding with rested. It takes me about 3 ish hours a level that way and boy is it easier. I have actually found that I make more money that way rather then doing quests. I dont think I have actually done a quest for 4 levels now (Rogue is 53 ).

This char is going to be my farming char anyways so its no big deal how long it takes but yeah even on my main priest at about 55 ish I had to start relying on rested to level because I was starting to get burned out.

Also none of you are going to do battle grounds at 60? They are a hell of a lot more fun then I thought they would be and they sure are more fun then raiding MC.

I have also found that raiding isnt nearly as bad as it was in EQ and while it can be boring sometimes its 100x better then any EQ raid I ever attended.

At 60 you can do the following
Run Instances

If none of those things tickle you then really just stop at 60 and roll an alt or something.

Is that the first penny arcade ever where the third panel had an actual joke in it?

Whenever people start talking about how much time it takes to get to 60, or how much time it takes to do these high level raids, all I can think is that I have no idea how I’m ever really going to get there.

I probably play 2-3 hours per night and that is almost never uninterrupted time, and my wife, her parents, my parents, my wife’s friends, and anybody I mention it too all say this is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time to play a computer game.

The very idea of me getting even six uninterrupted hours for a raid is patently absurd except for the very rare times when my wife takes the kids to her parents house for a weekend.

I’d love to slay the dragon. I’m just not going to invest 40+ hours in doing so. I play WoW in two hour chunks, max. And that kills any chance of me ever doing instances.

I am sorta like Charles in that respect. My highest char is 51, and I’ve finished one full instance ever that didn’t have a 60 zooming me through it. That was BRD when I was 5 levels higher than necessary.

I’ve done some solo SM runs too, but I don’t really count those.

There are times when I find myself playing WoW for 3+ hours and realize that I could’ve maybe done an instance if I’d logged in at the dungeon entrance and immediately joined a balanced group, but I can never really bring myself to schedule the time to do that. Making dates with online games is still more than I can bear.