[WoW] Rate Mah Character!


My non-raiding, non-pvping (well, a little), UBER casual Hunter.

My Priest gets a 2 out of 10. :D

Any Hunter who doesn’t have a GBKD needs to be saving for one. I’m making the Hunter I play with save every copper for buying one. It’s totally worth it.

My warrior and my mage.

My mage is a total goof-off character. She’s good for playing around on, and nice for farming, but I’m not quite sure where I’m going with her gear yet. I’m inclined right now to pick up the Nemesis-lookalike gear, since it’s brimming with more +hit and +dmg. I’m reticent to stack up on the +crit, largely because I want to someday PvP with her, but also because if I crit more than twice in a row (which is not uncommon, even without factoring Frostbite/Shatter talents) I’m likely to pull aggro off whomever tanks. I also was hasty in speccing for Spellfire tailoring shortly before finding my current spec (was a 10/30/21 elemental build). I don’t really want to pull the trigger on respeccing tailoring. And I want my girlfriend to get her primal mooncloth set first.

My warrior, I’m rather pleased with. I really want more DPS gear, but it’s harder to come by in non-heroic instances (where we’re at, right now). I wish the armory had the Sets feature that other profile sites like CTProfile had. My pride for my warrior really comes in to how hard I’ve worked for his gear. I think the only things I’m really looking to upgrade are his rings.

My Shaman that I’ve gotten bored with, but was the last character I seriously played. Recent respec to Resto, but still really geared for (and leveled as) Elemental. I like being Resto better in a group, but hate being Resto solo. >.< I think my gear is pretty good for my level at least, and most of it transitions well from Elemental to Resto and back. Had the other PVP trinket in place of the carrot on stick normally…



My Shaman. Rolled it to heal in battlegrounds and ended up doing neither!

Go with a FAST offhand. The fastest you can get. More Combat Potency procs, more poison procs, more everything.

Seal Fate is pointless with such a low crit rate.

You’re going to benefit much more from Weapon Expertise than Endurance in a raid/dungeon environment.

Not when I’m using Maces I’m not. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the Mace Specialization talent includes +10 Mace Skill in addition to the stun proc. Weapon Expertise only affects Swords, Fists, and Daggers.

Ah nm, missed that part =p

Never specced maces myself.

I was totally unclear on this point, but when I say I started playing again a couple weeks ago I meant the warrior I linked upthread. I haven’t played either of those characters since april, so while the input is appreciated, they probably won’t get played again until WotLK comes out, if then even. I linked them mostly just to say “here are some characters I’ve played.”

While Seal Fate is definitely sub-par with such a piddly crit-rate (if memory serves my practical crit rate was slightly higher than in the armory profile, but not by much,) there isn’t a terribly better place to put the points in a Prep/Premed/30 Assassination build, and even with a mere 50% crit rate on backstab it’s not bad . You could make a case for 3/3 Imp Kidney Shot plus 2/2 Murder or a few other minor variations, but none of them represent a distinct advantage over SF, and without SF you can’t Premed -> Ambush -> 5 point CB Evis, which at that gear level is about the best burst damage one can hope for IMO. Combo points is combo points :)

Spell penetration is, unfortunately, terrible for just about everything. It’s like spell hit, but anti-resists, and unlike back in the T1/T2 days where pieces had random bits of resist thrown on, it’s pretty much worthless for PVP. Most bosses don’t have resists worth mentioning, and the ones that do typically end up having Immunities instead.

If you’re sticking to green gems, I’d go with two glowing shadow draenites and a potent flame spessarite. Gem up those bracers and boots (or get Sigil-Laced from Arcatraz) and maybe look into some cheap enchants and you’re pretty solidly set.

Also, pull the trigger on respeccing tailoring. 100g is nothing in the long run compared to having T5+ equivalent gear.

edit: 70 mage


Goals: Add a lot more +hit to my build, to help with raiding.
Spell penetration! Argh, why?! I understand talasites are cheap, but it is so painful to see. :( Incanter’s Gloves are a solid upgrade over Tempest’s Touch, consider them. Upgrade shoulders ASAP (Black Morass, Mantle of Three Terrors for +hit and lots of stats. Plus they look awesome. Cipher of Damnation shoulders are nice too). Maybe get that helm glyphed unless you’re expecting an upgrade soon.
70 paladin:

Goal: Find blue boots and shoulders. Both slots were upgrades from mid-60s blues but are somewhat embarrassing.
Give me your bracers.

Anyway, for me…


Now retired.


Only 70 for about a week now, be gentle. :(

Working on it sir. The Merciless Gladiator Quickblade is mine next tuesday barring any crazy stuff dropping until then.


Also … there are some suspiciously absent profiles on here from the frequent WoW thread posters. Just sayin’.

My 36 holy pallie. Who I love. Combat medic/healertank build, nothing too flash. I’ve got an Ardent Custodian waiting for him in a couple of levels.

The penetration is from when I thought I’d do more pvp, and before I actually went and figured out the difference between penetration and hit. I’m trying to flush it right now. I’ve been trying for the Incanter’s Gloves but at this point in time I’m just going to wait for a Kara drop, as I only play once or twice a week, and one of those times is usually Kara. As for any gear upgrades, I actually don’t get to play very often and when I do I don’t really get to choose where I go (I just go with whatever my guild is doing, I won’t pug). Most of my gear will either be raid gear or purchased/quest gear. Can’t glyph the helm because I don’t farm rep.