WoW: Role Playing and Emo Free!

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to jump ship from the Moonrunner server because the server lag was driving me insane. I remembered fondly the fun times I had RPing in City of Heroes and decided to find out if that sort of thing existed in WoW. I was doubtful, based on what I thought of as a younger playerbase in WoW.

Anyhow, I decided to give the new-ish server Thorium Brotherhood a go after seeing some stuff posted about a new Horde-side Guild with a focus on RP while also wanting to experience/enjoy all the game had to offer as far as PvE stuff and BG went.

I have to admit, I was a little bit leery at first based on the fact that the guild has the same name as a CCR song, but I was really impressed with the way their forums seemed to flow - with decent posts, and drama free - and decided to give it a go.

Well, I think I’ve cured my chronic altoholicism that has ravaged my WoW gameplay for the past year, resulting in zero endgame exposure for me (maybe that’s why I’m still playing? who knows). That’s because RPing my character really keeps me motivated to stay with the one main even when I hit the slower levels (for some reason 19, 29, and 39 seem like big speedbumps to me).

Anyhow, I know there were quite a few folks from here that I used to really enjoying playing in the Guardians of the Golden Age with in CoH, so I thought I’d throw a post up about this new RP guild I’ve found, in case anybody else is interested in joining me there.

The economy is fresh, I haven’t seen a queue, and it’s VERY easy to gain BG rank. Oh, and no lag so far - even on Sundays/Mondays. It’s a PvE server, too, which means gank-free questing in Tarren Mill.

Here’s a link to the guild site if anybody wants to check it out:Bad Moon Rising

The only real restriction is the guild is not currently accepting any new Undead characters for storyline reasons.

That sounds pretty interesting…

Proud Mary?

Bad Moon Rising

Damn. I lived in hope for a few paragraphs.