Wow: Serenity Now, crashing the party


Guild on PVP realm announces that a member has died, holding in game memorial in contested zone.

Rival guild reads it.

Result: pwnage.

OMG yur so

From how I see it, expecting anything else to happen in a PVP environment is ignoring the entire history of MMOGs.

Oh my god, that’s awesome. I would resub in a heartbeat if it meant I could get a spot in that guild.

I know this is old news and all, but I never actually saw video of it. Crashing a party with AoE nukes while blasting Scatman had to be fun.

Why not just hold the ceremony in Durotar?

That’s a bit too dickish for my taste, but I do have to commend them for their choice of music in the video.

Eh, the first video pretty much requires the reading of text. The problem is, the video is too compressed to read any of it.

For me the “pwnage” link was mostly in-game footage of the ganking in progress. I couldn’t read the text either, but it wasn’t all text.

I have to say that it probably crosses my boundry for poor taste in behavior, but I can’t say I didn’t get some kick out of it.

After reading that WoW forum thread, I’m getting really sick of the word “emo,” though.

Wish the vid was higher res so you could read all the text they obviously expect you to be able to read.

It strikes me that the WoW community is actually worse than the CS community.

I took an ex-coworker out to lunch yesterday and he told me about this. It’s incredibly dickish, but amusing at the same time. I’m sure if I were somehow connected to the whole thing, I’d be offended, but otherwise, it’s just another example of sweet, sweet online personality.

Erik J.

Nice pvp fight. Loved how they set it all up with 2 ‘scouts’ mingling with the enemy forces and just waiting for the ‘go’… Would be fun to hear their comms.

Above is the high res version of the file. Really its rather funny for the following reasons

  1. Its in a contested zone… duh motherfuckers
  2. They decided it was a good idea not to bring any weapons… again duh motherfucker.
  3. I am pretty sure that reading the first thread they started talking some shit about something so they where kinda asking for it.
  4. The rogue kills like 20 something people and thats lollerskates.

I guess it’s a rare thing to have a mutual-respect sort of PvP environment, which can happen even in the presence of the usual loudmouths driving the unavoidable drama. Makes me feel pretty lucky to have had that in DAoC for awhile, on a server at a time where had the leading pvp guild had such a gathering, the only enemy guilds capable of doing anything about it would have been right there with them to begin with. The balance required for a civilized society in-game requires a smaller group of people, I think. Past a certain community size a CS-style free for all seems unavoidable.

Funny raid, fucked-up context.

Not being prepared for it is pretty stupid, though.

Those people gloating about the incident on the message boards are despicable. Yes, it’s a PvP server, and that makes anyone fair game, but if those guys knew that this was a service for someone that actually died, surely they could have exercised a little self-restraint.

Had it been an in-game friend of mine that died, and if for whatever reason I did hold some kind of service in a PvP zone (which I wouldn’t but whatever) and it was disrupted, I wouldn’t raise a fuss about it. However, once those jackasses started talking trash about it on a forum, I’d be pretty pissed.

I just don’t get why they chose Winterspring. Maybe it had some sentimental association with the person who died. These guys got to level 60 on a pvp server; they had to know something like this could happen.

Serenity Now are postmodern heroes, rightfully deconstructing the utterly absurd notion of any kind of pathos being associated with a funeral (classic apathy inducer #1) that occurs in a virtual setting (classic apathy inducer #2).

Owned hard, imo.

I’m sorry, but it’s not for you to decide how people should show respect for the passing of a friend. Their way might seem trivial to you, but I’m sure there were some genuine feelings involved in this situation.

I agree, if people want to congregate online to remember a dead friend – whom they presumably knew best in the context of the videogame – I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t hold relationships formed online to be inherently meaningless anymore than I would, say, relationships formed via correspondence. And any ritual has as much power or meaning as its participants choose to invest in it.

Nonetheless, I have no problem with Serenity Now doing what they did. It’s a pvp server and they are being jerks, but that’s the whole point of a videogame with a pvp server – it allows people to be jerks and let the (virtual) consequences fall where they may. The hordies should have foreseen this and held the damn service in Mulgore or Durotar or wherever.