WoW: Spam Filter

I don’t know how well this works, but under Interface: Advanced Options, “Disable Spam Filter” is checked on by default. If you are still getting spam like I am, you may want to uncheck it. Why they would think you would want spam in the first place is very strange, but you may want to give this a shot.

Oh and one other thing, if you want the Blizzard splash page back, you can enable it on the login page. Just under the “Remember name” option.

I have it disabled and haven’t got any spam yet since the patch went live. Also not using SpamSentry since the same day.

It was unchecked by default for me, and i haven’t had spam since the patch. Haven’t needed to reload spamsentry

Ditto, was unchecked for me.

Part of the last page was a fix to the addon scripting that broke spammer addons.

Expect the spammers to adapt, Borg-like, in a few days.

I’ve gotten a couple, but I didn’t notice them until later because WhisperFu (fantastic Ace mod) blocked 'em for me.

I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten any spam either, and then I heard about the magic bullet: Trial accounts can no longer whisper people unless they’re whispered to first.

Since the update, I have not seen a single piece of spam.


Thank God, the amount of goldfarmer spam I was getting last weekend was amazing. It was literally coming in around once a minute during the times I was on.

Crap, I’d like to be on your servers then :(
I’ve had to use the new “report for spam” feature every single time I’ve logged on since the patch. I got 2 of them during the 30 minutes I was logged on at lunchtime

Yeah I got 3 or 4 spams last night.