WoW: Speeding to 60

Rather than post in the other thread, I was curious how long it took most of the level 60s here to get there the first time through. Mine took 24 days.

You mean /played time or real time?

Assuming you mean /played time, then my first character was either 14 or 15 something days. Second one took like 11 or so.

Looks like /played to me, since the top range is 26+ days. Don’t recall seeing many level 60’s before the first of the year m’self :)

The highest I"ve gotten is 30, that took about 2 days.



I can’t imagine any normal player got their first toon to 60 in the span of two actual weeks, even if you played 24 hours a day.

I calculated it in hours. My first 60 was a solo-oriented hunter who did it in 270 hours, and my second was a Paladin who did a lot of in-efficient instance grouping and took 290 hours. The hunter had 300 skinning and 300 leatherworking. The Pally ended up with 275 mining and 275 engineering.

I have a 40 now I started recently - 40 in 100 hours. I bet I can do 60 on that one in under 250 hours, with 300 in First Aid and Cooking but no trade skills.

Of course I am a min/max obsessed power gamer so fast levelling speed is something I focus on :0.

And I hate the waiting, logistical fu, and “herding cats” of organizing raid crap. So my pattern is: burn to 60, tire of that character, quit WOW for a couple months, get re-interested, come back, start new dude, lather rinse repeat. I’m on my 3rd char who will hit 60 (2 of the 3 being hunters :) ). I also have a 34 mage I will take to 60 someday. Not sure of the timing on that one.

I think I got my mage up to 60 at some point in February.

30 Days, 18 hours.

I also predict that sluggo is going to come back and edit new content into his next post after the discussion has progressed beyond it. Let’s see if I’m right.

Raife, that sounds like real-time, not game time.

If you’re using an add-on like Titan or Cosmos, it actually tells you “time spent on this character” and “time spent at this level.” Subtract X from Y and you know exactly how long it took you to get to level 60.

edit: the /played command also gives this info – total time played, and time played at current level. From that, you can extrapolate how long it took you to get to 60.

Oh, gotcha. I don’t use either addon, so I couldn’t tell you the hours.

I don’t have cosmos or titan, and /played tells me how long I’ve played total and how long I’ve played at this level. Just log on your 60, do a /played, and subtract B from A.

Hmmm… 30 Days, 18 hours, then.

EDIT: Must have been later than I thought.

I’m not sure in terms of game-time – I’d have to resubscribe and check /played to find out. In real time, I started in late January and hit 60 sometime around May or June I think. But in the interim I played a couple of alts a long way too. In fact, for quite some time, my Main wasn’t my Main at all. (One of my alts, a gnome warlock named Izzwozz, was so addictive to play that I forced myself to delete him after about level 30.) But I eventually came back to my first serious toon and found myself enjoying playing a warrior more than ever toward the end.

took me forever. Then again, I was level 59 for like 5 straight days because I didnt care about hitting 60

My /played time was easily 30-40 daysbefore I hit 60. Being my first character, I took my time to do a lot of things, including farming/fishing deviate to make some money pre-60.

Now that I’m levelling up a mage, I expect her to reach 60 in half the time, easily. I’d wager about 10 days for getting her up to 32 right now.

And I have to say, I’m enjoying levelling a mage a lot more than levelling up a warrior!

My Main thats a priest I did it in like 19 days.

My Alt Rogue thats 54 is at 9 days 17 hours and I should be 60 by the 11 days played mark.

My Final Alt Mage is level 30 and has 1 day played and I am betting I can get her to 60 in 8 days or less played.

Judging by this poll’s results so far, everyone’s /played time was easily 300-400 hours before hitting 60. :)

My first lvl 60 took 12 days /played in 2 months (i.e less than 300h). I didn’t grind exp or money (and didn’t get my mount at lvl 40) but I did some exploration. I didn’t have any help from a guild and didn’t do any instances fancier than BRD before I hit 60 either. Once I hit lvl 60 with that character I basically stopped playing, the whole server had become Spanish and I didn’t know Spanish.

It’s quite interesting that many have played so much before hitting lvl 60. My second, and current, lvl 60 took 10 days /played but that included getting to revered with frostwolf (AV) since I was in no hurry to get to 60 again. Since I found a nice guild that is good enough to clear MC but still not very hardcore or demanding I still play with this character.

Supposedly the average time to level a character to 60 in WoW is 20 days /played. Not being average and all, I took longer than that, about 24 days. I doubt I have the interest or patience to do it again, but if I did, it would probably take much less time than the first one.