WoW: Speeding to 60

Also strange that the majority of replies are <20days yet the poll answers aren’t (also a few guesses in there :)) I must admit, when I logged on my warrior last night to check my /played in response to the other thread I was surprised how few hours I’d played at level 60. Seems like years.

23 here.

But I’ve done all quests in all instances and lots of /afk.

15 days on the first and 12 days on the second. I think the difference is that I only play with my wife and having two of us playing and questing together made our times to 60 pretty quick.

Since neither of us really like raiding or the battlegrounds much (we enjoyed the random pvp much more like the alliance raids on crossroads before the battlegrounds opened), we’ve become pretty bored with being 60 and are back to questing again on a third set.


I think I was around 17 days with my warlock. My drood is level 54 now, and looks like it will be a few days faster than the 'lock.

I, personally, can’t play to 60. I just don’t think it’s in the cards for a casual player.

However, seeing as I’ve played the game for a while now, I’ve taken to timing my alt’s progress to 20. So far, I’ve taken a hunter from 1-20 in 12 hours, 30 minutes. My rogue didn’t fare as well, taking 13 hours even to make it to 20. Those are both /played figures.

Seventeen days and a bit for my rogue. My alt mage is sitting at level 50 at around the 10-day mark.

Had I known then what I know now, though, I probably could have levelled my rogue much faster taking the more effecient group instance (rather than solo questing) route. I barely ever ran instances with my rogue unless there was a quest reward that I particularly wanted. For example, I only did the Deadmines twice, Stockades, Gnomeregan, and Scarlet Monestary once each, I didn’t do Uldaman at all, Zul’Farrak twice (once to the ziggurut and once to Gahz’rilla), and Sunken Temple once. I ran the inner part of Maraudon (Princess run) a few times, but I’ve never done either of the outer two halves.

OTOH, once I reached 60 I ran the usual suspects (BRD, BRS, Strat, Scholo, DM) many times. BRD in particular was the worst offender – while I’ve only gone as far as the Emperor once, between all the trips required to complete the Onyxia key quests (and helping guildmates do the same), Attunement to the Core, soloing Plugger to get a Barman Shanker, trying to farm General Angerforge for a Hand of Justice, farming Incendius for FR bracers, coffer runs, helping guildmates smelt DIO or get to the Dark Anvil, etc., I’ve probably spent more time in BRD than most of the other instances (save MC and BWL) combined.

I, personally, can’t play to 60. I just don’t think it’s in the cards for a casual player.

What’s funny is how the definition of casual can vary. Since I averaged 6 hours/day (!) while playing WoW I guess I can’t possibly be deemed “casual.” Yet I never hit Molten Core, never did a raiding guild, never got a PvP rank above Scout. By a lot of elite players’ standards I’m a screaming n00b. Course, it’s not just how many hours you log, but how you spend them. You don’t rack up the purples by loitering around Orgrimmar or soloing Scarlet Monastery for the 4,000th time. :wink:

With good use of rest state and this simple guide you can level pretty fast and still have fun. My main is 45 with about 8 days /played, my mage alt is 41 with a bit more than half that.

Also, while I’m being useful-info-linking-guy, check out this vid - downing the biggest baddie in the WoW world. Dunno about you, but i kept wanting to hold the RMB and tilt back to look at his head…

I got my priest to 60 in almost exactly 17d /played, over nearly a year real-time (I did stop playing for a couple months). I would have been 60 in closer to 15d, but I started doing a lot of guild raids at 58 which weren’t too great for exp.

Of all MMORPGs I’ve played dating back to what… 1989 or so with the first LPMuds, this was by far the best choice for a “casual” player. However, being in an excellent casual guild has helped immensely.

15d 15h for my first. (troll shammy)

My undead mage should hit 60 much faster. I’m at level 52 and am at 7d 20h. Mages ding quickly…

FWIW, I do mostly solo questing on all my chars, and these numbers are on a pvp server, so it includes me getting pointlessly ganked countless times and losing buffs/potions/time. Oh, how I wish I’d rolled on PvE…

I actually read that guide many many months ago, and it was my goal to prove that 20 in 20 hours /played and 40 in 4 days was just a sexy way of putting “…I could do much better.” So far, I’ve gotten a hunter to 20 in 12.5 hours, and to 40 in 3.25 days /played. I’m trying a rogue right now on time trials, but he hasn’t fared as well, so far. Time to 20 has been 13 hours even.

I think the key here is to play Horde for time trials. It’s hard to beat the density of grouping and questing that is The Barrens.

What’s the quickest anyone’s made it to level 5 or 10? IIRC, I’ve done 10 in as little as 2.5 hours, but I could be wrong. For that level range, I would think that humans would do the best (at least to 5), considering the small area that the Northshire is. For levelling to 10, I’d be hard pressed to say which zone would be the best…all of them seem to incorporate the “endless running for very little payoff” model. Perhaps Teldrassil, but I could be wrong there.

I’m actually doing a little experiment with 6 alts – all different classes – and they all seem to hit level 6 after about an hour, level 10 under the 3-hour mark (30 minutes for each of the last 4 levels), and then level 20 in about 20-24 hours.

But judging from the responses here, I suspect there are people going a helluva lot faster than me. :)

I started this thread because of a comment in a separate WoW thread suggesting 500-600 hours (21-25 days /played) was way too long for players to hit level 60. I was surprised, because I know plenty of people in the 22, 24, even 28-day range on their first toon. I expected there would be people in the 16-day range, but I’m surprised by both the quantity in this thread as well as how many have said “oh, I’m sure I could get it down to 12.”

I made it in 13 days with my Orc Hunter on a PvP server. I am sure I could go faster. I didn’t really grind at all until late 40s through the 50s.

– Xaroc

My newest 60 (Horde Warlock, PvP Server) took around 11 days /played. I had broken 11 days sometime during level 59. My First 60 (Alliance Priest, PvP Server) took ~13 days. The other two (60 Hunter and 60 Warrior, Alliance PvP) were in the 12-13 day range as well. Much faster than 11 would require too much single-mindedness, I think. As it was, my Warlock only did Sunken Temple (for class quest) and two games of Alterac Valley before 60. All of the characters had 300/300 tradeskills when they hit, though.