WoW: spybots

wtf is a spybot???

and how will it be used in WoW?


(I saw it listed on the WOW page – they are putting it into the next patch)

If you are able to play WoW, go into the Stormwind Keep, and then into the garden area. You’ll see a gnome hiding behind bushes with his spybot sitting beside him. As for the current notes on the under development page, it’s humour.

I can play WoW but I am Horde…

does the Horde have something like it?

All I gotta say is that they better search and destroy.

The spybot is just a joke Blizzard used to spice up their recent announcement of next patch’s features.

It’s not a usable item. It’s not anything of significance.


I laughed so hard at this.

I laughed so hard at this.[/quote]
Me too.