WoW: Summongriefing

Doesn’t really get funny until about halfway through, but it does amusingly illustrate the increasingly popular trend of summoning a player with a portal projected right on the edge of a steep precipice, so that when they materialize they instantly fall to their death.

I love it.

Hah reminds me of players baiting other players with gates in UO.

That was just about my favorite thing to do in CoH. Of course, it didn’t actually kill people in CoH.

I scouted for a UDL sub in Shadowbane and rune-hunted by myself. Sometimes I would forget that almost everyone else on the server hated us and spam for summons. Summon-death was a regular occurence.

CoH took care of that by letting you choose to have a dialog box pop up asking you if you wanted to be ported.

WoW does the same thing. This is people getting a laff by convincing people to accept a port (either for transport, or by saying they’ll let you join their group for an adventure) and then killing them instead.

Between this and the Serenity thing I won’t have the itch to play an MMO for years.

Al, you need to know that 50 Qt3ers (including myself) are fantasizing about tracking you down and griefing you in your game of choice, whatever it might be.

It is pretty funny to see the range Qt3 spans in the “Griefing’s Bad ------- Griefing’s Cool” spectrum. :)

So am I going to be called a sociopath again for thinking this is pretty damn funny?

It’s especially funny if you’ve played a warlock. You get spammed so often with “OMG can you summon me Pllllllllllzzzzzzzz” that something like this is just the solution.

So true. I played for a couple of hours yesterday and was hit about 6 times with a summons request. Though I hate griefing, this is really tempting.

I’ve played one to 50, and it’s not hard to /ignore the people who spam you. I don’t think it’s “sociopathic” to grief-summon, but it’s pretty childish and I don’t understand why people enjoy it. But then, I feel the same way about ganking, and about that video of the dad making his kid cry and then posting on the Internet, and a bunch of other stuff that Gary and the Gankers* enjoy. I never understand the appeal of Whittalinks, either – I guess I’m just a stick in the mud. Or maybe you’re all sociopaths.

  • Good name for a band

Last night I was logged into my 45 warlock standing next the bank in ironforge when I get a tell: “cn u port me 2 darnasus”. As I was thinking about how to respond I noticed the fellow from the tell (level 50 hunter) standing next to me, in between me and my 47 mage friend. I just told him sorry, I’m not specced for portals.

Much like the funeral of destruction thing, I think this is pretty low-class if people are running around looking for people to make into victims, and 100% okay to do to people who, for example, think “cn u port me 2 darnasus” is a valid method of communication.

So, it’s okay to do it to teenagers basically.

Not really a responsible thing to say if greifing is to be discouraged.

As fun as this is, it just doesn’t beat Mind Control and any form of environmental hazard.

I have no problem with ganking, training, rushing, camping, telefragging, and massive, galaxy-wide capital ship fund-raising pyramid schemes, but I had a huge problem with that video.


What Monty said.

Don’t be silly, literacy doesn’t have a direct correlation to age.

Not really a responsible thing to say if greifing is to be discouraged.
Griefing can’t be discouraged. If it is discouraged, the people who enjoy the grief of others will be encouraged to do it more.

If one really wants griefing to be go away, then the thing to do is… to ignore it. I give the practice another 1,000 years of life in our society before the necessary people wise up. At least.

Yep. That video borders on child abuse. Griefing isn’t child abuse – it’s just pissing people off for fun. There’s a huge difference between pissing someone off, and scarring them for life. I would hope that people can tell the difference…