WoW - Tanking Xevozz (Heroic)

This guy is my bane. I’ve beaten him before, but I feel like it’s dumb luck. Basically I have no feel for his spheres. I can’t tell at all how far I can get from them before he triggers the teleport and, most likely, wipes the group. Even when I think I’m playing it safe and I have a sphere really close to him, he teleports.

I can only assume he has to remain close to all three spheres… But that seems absurd.

Any advice on tanking him? Typically I tank him at the bottom of the rubble pile right outside his cell, and when the spheres appear I pull him up and around the edge toward the far stairs.

Usually I just kite him all across the instance. Up and around.

Kite him around the instance.

I stand on the stairs to the left (with my group positioned behind me) and spam taunt till he’s finally attackable. He’ll run up and I spam some initial threat, we blow bloodlust if we have a shaman, and we DPS him hard until he’s summoned his spheres. Then I move him JUST behind the beginning part of the railing, and really don’t move from there until my moving won’t cause a sphere to come up the rubble pile instead of the stairs. You’ll probably have bloodlust up still at this point so it’s a plus not having to move immediately, anyway.

Once I’m certain both spheres are definitely going to come up the steps (they will be ~7-10 yards away) I start moving quickly along the railing so that I stay out of line of sight of the spheres. Ranged should be staying ahead of you, and melee can just whack on him as you kite him across the balcony area.

If your DPS is slow you may have to do this a couple times.

Also, if the spheres come into line of sight of the dude he will use his teleport move and that usually devastates pugs. As far as I know this is the only thing that triggers the teleport.

Athryn - did you read even my post?

I know the theory is tanking him around. But the teleports just kill us. I have no idea what triggers them - wowwiki says it’s when he gets too far from the spheres, but I’m pretty sure that’s bullshit. Other forums indicate it may somehow be related to LOS, but no one has any clue whether it’s LOS to Xevozz, the players, or what.

It’s line of sight to Xevozz, not the players.

Just to be clear - if all three have LOS to Xevozz, they teleport?

Why attack me, when I said merely the same thing that Tankero did, but with a helpful link? I have no idea whether or not you read wowwiki, I assumed not since you’re coming here to ask for advice.

I’ve never had any problem with him, just slow and steady kiting around with the healers keeping ahead of the tank. We start moving him before his spheres even appear.

Sorry - I think you caught some of my residual rage at that encounter. I was really fed up with it.

I get the tanking strategy - and I do exactly that. The thing that frustrates me is that, as far as I can tell, there’s no indication of what causes the teleport. It’s not distance from the spheres (as wowwiki indicates). Maybe it’s LOS - but there’s no feedback to that effect. It’s a poorly designed encounter in that you’ve got some (assumedly) player triggered mechanic, but no feedback as to what’s triggering that mechanic.

Or maybe the teleports are just totally random - based on reading a few forums, no one seems to know for sure.

I’ve run H VH quite a lot and the strategy for the guy listed on WoWwiki is pretty much how it works. I’ve only ever seen the teleport happen when he gets too far away from his orbs.

Once you and your group out-gears the encounter, you’ll look back on this thread and laugh.

Haven’t done this guy in awhile, but I remember having the group move just ahead of the tank while you kite him around works. Bala is right too, with some crafted/boe epics, this encounter becomes a joke.

Ah … so the just heal through it strategy = the hard way. :D

In my experience you never get teleported if your group stays together

Well quite some boss shit is totally random / without warning.
My pet peeves are whirlwinds of the Heroic extra boss in Nexus and Skari in UP that will one-shot a rogue No emotion or something else at all to let you get away. Ah well I suck it up, die, get mocked by guildies and get a rez afterwards.

Concerning spheres:
Never had problems with a good tank on them. I could imagine you need to wait with the kiting until the spheres start to move towards you.
Other than that kiting should work fine.

need moar dps and healz.

I’ve run H VH to death, but as I play a healer I had to follow Athryn’s link to figure out who this guy is.

Then I read the link. And I still don’t remember this guy at all. Is he the one that I roll lifeblooms on the tank for? =P

He’s the dude with the creepiest voice in the game next to C’thun.

If you have the “Lockdown” achievement you have done him.
He is the hardest boss in there besides the Void guy (in case the debuff to see the aoe void things are only on tank and healer due to bad luck).

One thing that made it much easier for me was cleansing the magic debuff. That made a HUGE difference in keeping everyone alive.