Wow tech question

is anyone else having problems with jerkiness in big cities. I’m not sure if it is lag or machine related. My wife keeps running into torches, other open flames because of it. Her specs

2.0 p4
512 ram
geforce 6600 gt

If it is hardware, can I change a setting or does something need to be upgraded?

Related note, the 6600 gt was a recent upgrade for her machine. When I installed it I didn’t put in the extra power. It seemed to have slipped the makers minds to put that it needed it in the instructions. When I intially turned it on it told me it was running in low power mode. Figured out what I did wrong and put power to it. Is there only one way power can be plugged in? Would it automatically detect that power was in now or would I somehow need to tell it?

My wife’s computer is a little lower spec than that and she doesn’t have any framerate issues at all - so I don’t suspect the game here.

But hey, while we’re at it - I have a tech question too!

For some reason, after installing the Cosmos mod for UI, I can’t type slash commands anymore. I can type in “/quit” or “/tell” and my enter key ceases to be recognized in the chat window. Won’t let me enter the line. I deleted my profile, deleted the entire contents of the addon folder - no joy. I’m looking at a reinstall I guess.

The big cities, particularly Ironforge, sometimes lag. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re talking about. The framerate is fine, except that occasionally the whole scene will freeze for like a second, particularly when you enter some new zone like the auction house (presumably while the computer receives data on all the characters inside), but then play continues as normal. The mailbox can also be pretty laggy.

Yes… ironforge is horrible on my machine (2.8 P4, ATI 9800 pro, 768 MB) for this. It’s memory related, in that when it happens I can see my hard drive swapping memory in/out. But I can freeze for 5-10 seconds at a time while loading up all the character graphics. It’s especially noticeable when taking flights to/from large cities (IF and to a lesser extent, Stormwind)

I have no clue why it hits me and other people don’t notice this. It’s not a framerate thing, though, in that I’ll get jerky and drop to 1-5 fps, but once it’s done thrashing through the memory I’m back up to 40-50 FPS at 1280 in the city.

It would complain every time you boot up that the power wasn’t connected. So you’re good to go.

IronForge and Stormwind really chug on my home system (2.26 P4, Geforce Ti4400) for about 2 minutes when I first arrive in the city. After that, it’s fine.
My character is a hunter, and I find it helps if I switch off “Track Humanoids” for some reason.

It helps to turn off Track (whatever) because then you don’t have to track (whatever).

Anyway, the problem generally is because when you first arrive at the Great Forge or the Bank/AH area, you have to tag the item database for every visible object that every character that is visible to you is wearing (up to 14 items per character, not counting temporary effects). One you have the big bolus of initial information, you only have to get the newcomers which goes much faster.

thanks for the answer on the video card Brad. It was one of those things where you assume it’s working correctly because there doesn’t seem to be a way to check.