WoW: The Half-Past Five thread - SERVER MOVE UPDATE

Great tips, both of you, thanks!

By Hakkar, you mean the ghost thing? We did that (very cool fight–took us a little bit to figure it out). We just haven’t gotten to the “sleeper” guy, who I guess is Eranikus.

OK guys, I rolled up a nice Night Elf Warrior and got him up almost to 6 last night. I’m in.


Hakkar is the ghost dragon, yes.

How much play do people’s lower level alts get in this guild? My friends all bailed on me on my primary server and I’m debating canceling - but if I can make a character on FW and have people to play with once I hit 20 or so for instance runs I"d be tempted.


It comes and goes, I’d say. Some weeks we have a ton of people on at various levels. This past week it’s mostly been the “core” group, one set of folks in the 40’s and one in the 50’s. I have a 21 Druid I play from time to time, and lately other people have started giving serious playtime to alts (I think many folks are hitting that late-40’s wall where they want to try something new). I’ve found that if you jump into guildchat and say “Anyone interested in the Deadmines?” you’ll get a couple folks who will park their main and sign on with an alt.

Also, thanks to the folks who showed up for BRD. We had a great group and did pretty well–a couple wipes, but fast recoveries due to having a Warock among us. That is one long instance, though–we eventually quit after killing the keymaster guy, just because people were tired.

Congrats to my brother Greg “Haymish” Williams, HPF’s first level 60! I’m happy to say I was there when he leveled. sniffle

…and coming up as fast as I can. Jinsai, Night Elf Warrior. Happy to party with anyone.

Ya know, I’d reup to play with you guys but by the time I do half of you will have quit out of boredom. ;>

I wanted to say that despite the wipes and the abrupt ending, courtesy a server shutdown, I had a blast in BRD last night. I was really getting bummed about being in a guild but not ever doing anything with guildmates, but taking on an instance with a huge group of guildies rocked.

Yeah, that was a lot of fun until they closed down Frostwolf (bastards!). Folks may take another shot at BRD tonight, although I won’t be there.

Half Past Five is now set up with a Ventrilo server for voice chat. Instructions on how to get it set up are available at I’m hoping to get some actual content on that site at some point, but for now it’s just Ventrilo instructions. Big thanks to Nik (Saturnik) for setting this up.

As more of the folks in the guild get to the 50’s and even up to 60, we’ve been mounting more of the higher-end instance runs and PvP raids in Tarren Mill and the Plaguelands. I think we’ve killed Mark twice now. So come join in the fun! With more people hitting 60, there’s also been a bit of an alt resurgence, with a decent group of folks in the 20’s and 30’s.

Who did I run into last night? I think it was Haymish (sic?) and someone else, a 60 priest and warrior. That’s an impossible combo for a rogue, ha ha.

I would have chatted but it’s impossible to chat. Maybe I need to get that voice chat and use that to say hello.

That would be my brother Greg “Haymish” Williams, and our friend Pat “Thalo” Mickey (who doesn’t post here). I have trouble beating Greg alone in a duel, so I can’t imagine trying to go up against both of them.

You guys looking for fresh blood, or is everyone too high level and jaded by now?

Everyone is welcome. There’s a group of 50-60’s, but there are also several in the 20’s and 30’s as people level up their alts. New characters start all the time–I traded messages with someone’s level 5 druid the other day–so by all means jump in. The water’s fine.

As always, for those looking for a guild invite, try messaging:

Cairn (me)
Dolthas (also me)
Haymish (Greg Williams)
Taschen (he’s someone on here, but I don’t know who)

…there are lots of other regulars, but I’m not sure who all are Qt3 posters, and many of them I don’t remember the spellings of their names. Some non-Qt3 regulars who are often on:


I got bored and reactivated my account. I made a new human mage on Frostwolf named Kunikos. I got him up to level 5 after some play and I haven’t added any of you guys to my friends list yet.

Great! Hope to see you soon.

I’m trying to put together an instance run for Saturday night, probably BRD or Strat, maybe Scholo if we can get the key (the Araj quest is really flaky).

Also, I occasionally get PMs from folks asking whether we’re still taking new members, what the class and level restrictions are, etc. Every QT3’er is welcome, as is anyone vouched for by a QT3’er (including “I’ve grouped with this guy five times in the game and he seems cool, so I invited him”). We are super-casual and there are no restrictions on class, level, or race (I mean, you have to be Alliance, obviously). When we put together an instance run, you don’t need to sign up in advance and there’s no penalty if you don’t show up–it’s just us trying to be vaguely coordinated, so that people who have wanted to do a certain instance can hopefully find a group of cool folks to do it with.

I got messaged in game by Ryan Akiyama (I think?) who is starting to play for the first time. I’m forgetting his in game name though. I will post it later if he doesn’t post it himself. He’s playing a dwarven warrior. Frueller or something was his name…

I’ve created Alfpeyent. He’s on FrostWolf, and up to lvl 10 now.

Looking forward to joining the guild…