WoW: The Movie

It’s probably just me, but The Dark Knight to me was kind of…“meh”.
And personally, I feel that out of their franchises, Starcraft would rather make the most perfect choice for a movie.
The standing out characters of Warcraft…never quite stood out.
I played Warcraft 3, and the story simply got on my nerves at some point.
I never felt any sympathy or identified myself with any of those involved.
And in Medivah’s place, I’d sooner let myself be consumed by my progenitor’s demonic blood and join the armies of the void to obliterate the world rather than assisting these self-centric egotestical deaf, blind fools, bunch of idiots.
But that’s me.
Regardless, Starcraft (+BW) on the other hand and its characters made me very immersed in the story and I enjoy it very much and I played the single player missions to the fullest just to glean the dialogues and view the story as it unfolds and what’s going to happen to these guys next (and Tassadar made me shed a tear, bite me!).
Not to mention the exquisite cinematics.

Somehow, I don’t have much hope from this movie, would it ever be realized.

It’s just you.

I honestly don’t remember a single character from the Warcraft universe after having played all three RTS games and levelling a character to 70 in WoW. My memory may be shoddy, but that’s good enough reason for me never to see this movie.

Show of solidarity: I thought the Dark Knight was totally “meh” too. Our kind gotta stick together!

I thought The Dark Knight was pretty meh, too… but that was before I had seen it in the theaters. The trailers didn’t give me much and I honestly just thought a lot of the hype and great reviews was hyperbole.

I didn’t give in to the hype, I actually waited many weeks before going to see it… but I was totally blown away by the film in the end! Best comics/superhero-based movie ever made, by far.

I’d love to see a well-made Warcraft movie. You meh fuckers are an odd bunch.

It’s nerd macho. “That thing you like? Sucks. Heh.”

Nerd macho? I think my complaint is legitimate: basing a film on a less-than-compelling story arc with very few interesting characters seems like a bad idea. HOO-AH! Color me macho!

Yeah, but you also didn’t start the discussion about it. :)

That’s a great term.

I agree that the WarCraft universe isn’t that interesting. But thats largely irrelevant to the quality of the movie. I would have thought that a movie based on a ride at Disneyland would have been horrible, but Pirates of the Carribean was awesome. There are tons of examples of movies with interesting settings that aren’t any good.

In the end the quality of the writer and the director outweigh everything else. If they do a good job them Im excited to see it. If they phone this in just to cash in on the WarCraft franchise, then Ill ignore it.

I suppose there are good characters somewhere in the Warcraft universe if they can be found. The lore is huge at this point so the thing will be to narrow down the tale to something specific and interesting. The most interesting story I’m aware of from Warcraft lore is the tale of Arthas’s fall, but since that’s pre “World of…” it’s probably ineligible except as backstory – also he’s rather a larger-than-life personality, maybe not suitable for a standard movie protagonist. (He has similarities to Anakin Skywalker though…)

As for Dark Knight being meh, it’s not just him. I know as many people who were unimpressed by it as loved it. For my part, I liked it well enough, though I’m not sure I see any connection between it and a future Warcraft movie (except in the general sense of “make it good”), as the subject matter and style and tone would (or at least should) be quite different.

I would have thought that a movie based on a ride at Disneyland would have been horrible, but Pirates of the Carribean was awesome.

I finally saw PoC. I didn’t love it, but it’s a fuck of a lot better than a movie based on a Disney ride has any business being. I put that mostly down to Terry Rossio, Ted Elliot, and Johnny Depp.

I also noticed a weird parallel with Star Wars. Dirt dull hero*, dull-but-pretty heroine, interesting “rogue” sidekick who redeems the whole thing. (It might be debatable between him and Orlando which is the sidekick and which the hero, though.) No Chewbacca equivalent as far as I can tell, though. Also a decomposing Geoffrey Rush doesn’t stand up well to Darth Vader.

*Admittedly, Luke got more interesting in the sequels.

You have to know Thrall, he’s the biggest celebrity:

I actually think the story of Grom Hellscream is more compelling than any other in the Warcraft universe, except possibly Arthas. (Arthas’ Return remains my favorite Blizzard FMV ever.)

Yes: dull, boring characters like Batman and the Joker. Wake me when they make a Batman film starring the characters from Firefly, by god.

They should center the movie on Leeroy Jenkins.

Apparently Brandon Routh regularly checks in to see if there’s any news on the movie cos he’s desperate to play a character. Any character.

The fact that this movie will get made before a Warhammer movie makes me cry big geeky tears of bitterness and regret.

Was referring to the Warcraft universe. I (mostly) don’t think the Dark Knight characters are dull. The Joker and Harvey Dent were good, but Batman couldn’t have been less interesting. It’s partly a problem to do with his character already having been well-sketched in the first movie, but I couldn’t have cared less about his shoddily developed moral quandary in this one. That aside (and it’s not too hard a flaw to overlook) my real problem with the movie was that I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was watching two hours of climax. That could be a cool thing, but with the Dark Knight I just ended up feeling that none of it was all that climactic. Also, could the ending have been any less thrilling? Batman’s zany real-time Google maps device was nonsense and all the fake Batmen zipping around trying fruitlessly to aid the Dark Knight were an ineffective, dangling plot device. I think there was a lot to like (mostly the Joker’s scenes) but none of it gets me past “meh.”

The Dark Knight was awesome, but Legendary also produced Beerfest, 10,000 BC and Lady in the Water. In almost all cases, you can’t base a quality projection of a movie off the production company… name a director, writer and some signed acting talent and then we’ll talk about how exciting this news is…