WoW: The new Alliance race

So we already know that the new Horde race coming in the expansion is the Blood Elf. There seems to be a general consensus that this is A Good Thing, as it will likely bring more players the Horde side; something greatly needed on the majority of servers where Alliance severely outnumbers Horde.

But I really want to know what the new Alliance race will be. I don’t even have that many ideas as I’m not an expert on Warcraft lore, but I’d love to hear some thoughts/suggestions from those who are…

I have a horrible, horrible feeling it will turn out to be the Pandaren.


Heh, a lot of the people on the WoW boards seem pretty happy about the idea that it might be the Pandaren. So hard to tell if they’re being serious, though…

Sis-in-law, who has WoW’d since the very dawn of WoW, sez that a couple devs on the WoW forums said that Pandaren were planned but wouldn’t happen since they couldn’t sell the expansion in China – it’s illegal to have representations of Panda murder in China. I dunno how they sold the Warcraft 3 expansion over there, then, since you could have Pandaren heroes.

Since then, the rumor has been Murlocs, for the gimpy EQ Frogloc set and for the kooky jokesters out there, but I don’t put much stock in it since it would require a whole new set of armor models. Still, better than virtual cosplay fodder for the cretinous furry folks, I say. It’ll probably be some Tauren-esque “giant” race, though.

Did I mention how much I love China?

Anything but Murlocs.

I’m desperately hoping it will be Murlocs.

It won’t, but it would be awesome if it were.

Otherwise maybe worgen or furbies?

Word a while back was that the new race will be the Draeni. Makes more sense to me than the lowly, primitive, simple minded Murlocs. Draeni are orcish looking things from the new Outlands that will be featured in the expansion, so there’s another reason they might make it. I’m not too confident about the Pandarens myself; they’ve always been a bit of a joke at Blizzard because one of the artist has a Panda fetish. Draeni seem like the best bet at this point. Unfortunately, I can’t find the screenshots of them that I saw a few months back. Just think slouching Orcs with low self esteem and you’ll get the picture.

As I recall, someone found a page on the WOW site that was unlinked to other pages, some sort of werepeople, I think that’s the worgen, were set to be the next alliance race. Dalaran will open up too.

Could have been a hoax.

I spent a good deal of time at Blizzcon trying to convince attendees that the new race was going to be a tribe of Lost Vikings. It would be brilliant: three interlocking character classes, and a series of puzzle based quests.

No-one got the joke.

I heard the new alliance race was the Protoss.

That’s pretty sad that blizzard fanboys wouldn’t know the lost vikings. That’s one of my favorite snes games. Maybe they would like a class of a guy with a shotgun who throws mines and hides in shadows. Or combine that with the rogue.

I’d say that most WoW players have never played the other Blizzard titles, much less make those subtle gamer connections.

Protoss would be stupid and dissonent from the perspective of storyline/logic, but that would be the best choice :).

It’s almost surely going to be something on Draenor. If i remember, there are the Draeni guys, Blood Elves and Illidan. It’s possible they might have a “human survivor” new group, from the expeditionary force you send in the Warcraft 2 expansion to close the dark portal, that gets stranded on the ‘other side’. In fact i made a single player Warcraft 2 campaign about the human survivors on Draenor oh so many years ago.

That’s a confirmed fake. Somebody wrote it up as a "Wouldn’t it be neat if . . . " post, and people started reporting it as true for some reason. The original writer hit the official Blizzard blurb style pretty well.

Edit: Here’s the post. I still think it would have been neat.

"The people of Gilneas entombed themselves in their isolated peninsula at the outbreak of the Undead Scourge, erecting the Greymane Wall to keep out the demons and walking dead of the cursed army. To this day, refugees from the ravaged villages of Lordaeron gather at it, crying for safe haven from the Forsaken that now claim Silverpine Forest as their own.

Yet it is not much better behind the wall. For agents of the crazed wizard Arugal have infiltrated the once-prosperous land and spread a dark curse among the populace. As the first tainted moon climbed into the sky, screams rendered the countryside as the inhabitants of Gilneas changed forms and became the crazed Worgen. Few retained their minds. Many became wild and bloodthirsty.

Those who remained in control of their thoughts waged a war hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world, slaying former friends and family in an effort to preserve what little life still hoped for survival. Naming themselves the Nightcry after that first terrifying moonrise, they fought until they found themselves drained of resources and the will to continue the bloody battles alone.

Unable to conceal their horrid existence from the world any longer, a new sun rises over Gilneas. The Alliance has opened its gates to the refugees and an effort is now underway to restore humanity to the Nightcry Worgen. As one of their number, you must prove yourself a capable ally to the Alliance’s cause and master the powers granted to you against your will in order to free your land…no matter how much blood you must shed.

alsiug: Their zone is south of Silverpine, and it’s called Gilneas. It’s a level 1-10 zone and the general flow of the quests there focuses on fighting Worgen and agents of Arugal, as well as various enraged species of wildlife. There’s also a threat from a renegade navy that disbanded from Kul Tiras and is ravaging the coasts with cannonfire.

The Greymane Wall is under lock and key and you are not allowed to pass through it until your mid-20s, when quests begin pointing you to Shadowfang Keep.

Their 10-20 zone is on Kul Tiras, an island south of Gilneas and west of Menethil. It serves as a sister city to Menethil. One boat transports you between Gilneas and Kul Tiras, the other between Kul Tiras and Menethil. Kul Tiras is an island with strong navy tones and mood to it, and there’s lots of crab-bashing and pirate-killing on it.

After that, logically, you leave the protected areas and head to the contested zones. The closest, of course, is the Wetlands."

Let’s face it, whichever race Alliance gets it will be less cool than the Blood Elves with less powerful racials, because Blizzard has had it in for the Alliance from the start.


I like it when they make new races, but let’s be serious, wouldn’t everyone prefer new classes?

EQ does new classes everyone once in a blue moon, I hate EQ. DAOC does new classes and new races every expansion pack. Why can’t I have a pony? People who pay an extra $20 should be invincible like the Bonedancer in DAOC.

Yeah, the Alliance would probably get a race that stuns easily.