WoW: The new Alliance race

I agree, a new race is not particularly exciting. It’s some new sub-20 content, but that’s about it. After you get a Blood Elf and a Murloc to 20, it’s basically nothing new, because racial differences generally don’t add much in this game – it’s class that matters. OTOH, I can sympathize with Blizzard not wanting to mess with what is a generally class-balanced system. Right now every class has something unique to bring to a group and, despite the dueling links above, no class is terribly overpowered or gimped in comparison to the others (or at least, they weren’t when I quit in October). It would probably be tough to add a new class that was unique, competitive, and not unbalancing.

Note how in the class descriptions Shamen are listed as only having one weakness, and Paladins are listed with three.

I absolutely would prefer new classes. Sharpe and I were brainstorming a few but the ideas have probably been thunk up by others too. A Necromancer who, as in WC3, could animate the corpses of fallen enemies on the fly as temporary pets. A Slaver (or “taskmaster”) who can tame (or, rather, enslave) a humanoid as a pet and get him to haul extra stuff via bonus bag slots. (That one’s probably not very PC but…) Some kind of monk who is a master of unarmed combat and perhaps has targeted resistances that he can put on on the fly, or maybe is good at using stunlock for crowd control, or has an insane dodge rate, or some kind of funky meditation-style magic ability. Maybe a leather-tank type character, a barbarian with a mountain of hitpoints to offset the lower level armor (ok, kinda boring, but just tossing out ideas here). A bard who can sing party buffs and can charm for crowd control (I gather EQ or DAOC or one or both of those has a bard class).

But, since new classes apparently aren’t going to happen anytime soon, I want my murlocs. :P

Well I don’t know what racials they will have but I don’t see what’s so cool about Blood Elves. The game’s already got a race of elves.

Yeah, and look how many people play them. Fucking RPGers are CRAZY for elves. Now finally you can be Horde AND and an elf, which is going to hit a lot of WoW freaks right in the sweet spot.

BTW, I think the blood elf racial is a two-second AOE silence.

And you can be an elf with a gnarly sounding “Blood” in front of it. Which makes it that much cooler. I mean, I can sit in my basement, drinking my 4th two liter bottle of Mountain Dew for the day, unable to move quickly for more than 50 feet without gasping for air, knowing that if only I could really climb into that world, I’d be slashing people up all nasty like with red tinged eyes and a really cool “Blood” prefix to my race name.

Yeah, the only thing that could really top it is if the Alliance get some kind of furry.

FURRY ELVES. From…Japaneroth. Also, they can turn into various small animals, like squirrels. Anime style squirrels. And they get experience for emotes.

I would play one! Shit I’d dual box that shit.

Yeah, if they made a new class they may as well make kung fu guys. That’d give them a reason to make a character skill that blocks rogue backstabs.

For a race, some sort of story about Alliance races cooperating to create a new race might be nice. If the gnomes and dwarves made automatons that night elves and humans imbued with sentience and magical power. Some sort of doll people who took on lives of their own might be interesting. The men could be small and the women could be big, because that’s evocative and whatnot. Make a quest where they don’t know where their soul came from, and then it turns out they are reincarnated Horde. Then just let the player pick a racial ability from the horde side, and you don’t even have to come up with a new one.

Well if they are trying to rebalance populations with a popular race for the Horde and an unpopular one for the Alliance…the Draenai or however you spell it, make sense.

As for Blizzard having it in for the Alliance…lol.

The game was built from the ground up for the Alliance. If you played both factions in the beta, you would see that. Alliance has always been more popular and not just because they have the two races with hot females (although that certainly doesnt hurt…at all).

I dont PvP much, but Alliance has an edge in PvE with Paladins vs Shaman, and 1.9 increases that edge.


I don’t think the Draenei are necessarily unattractive. I kinda like the idea of an Alliance Orc, although maybe that’s just me. A severely gimped racial would make it unattractive, however. Blizz may well have this in mind in an attempt to restore population equilibrium.

If you PvPed more, you might take a different view. Maybe it’s my own personal experience as I PvP a lot, but Shamen have always seen grossly overpowered, particularly the Taurens. And Will of the Forsaken was a bullshit imbalance for way too long.

I haven’t really been keeping up on my patch notes; what are the significant 1.9 changes for pallies/shamen?

Well, since the Horde get the traitorous Blood Elves, maybe the Alliance gets a faction of good-aligned Goblins. It would be relatively easy; Blizzard already has male and female Goblin models and many voices already recorded.

I’d love a new class or three myself. Much more interesting than new races. Before the official announcement of the expansion, some websites were speculating that the Spell Breaker would be brought over from the Frozen Throne WC3 expansion:

I’m not experienced enough with WoW to speak about balance (usually the giveaway when it’s a hoax), but the description here sounded pretty compelling and official at the time.

When I first read this post, Gary, I thought you were just fishing about for one of those overzealous, nerdcore Alliance/Horde spats that litter the official forums, but your subsequent posts suggest that you acutally mean what you’re saying here.

Doesn’t the fact that there is so much disagreement over contentions like yours tell you that Blizzard desires a fair and balanced play experience more than probably everyone arguing about this? How would they benefit from intentionally gimping one of WoW’s two armies? Surely the mixed responses of so many WoW players are so much more indicative of the state of things than one man’s subjective experience. Granted, it’s only my perception that the responses are mixed, but I’ve seen so many vehement posts for or against one side or the other since the game’s release that I think there’s at least some merit to what I’m saying.

Are they still toting hero classes as one of Burning Crusade’s new features, or have they pushed that even further back?

Anyway, I’m hoping the new race isn’t decided by the guy who picked Blood Elves for Horde - let’s change the eye-tint of night elves and call it a new race, yay.

(Although they do have nice cities).

What exactly ARE hero classes?

Design leftovers.

That’s what Rob Pardo is asking to himself right now.

And now can I please have the non-bitter answer.

They’ve never been very specific about it, but the original idea was that after hitting 60, you could somehow specialize your class. For example (and I’m just making this up), a 60 Rogue might be able to become an Assassin, a Spy, or Scrapper. Say that Assassins get extra backstab and poison damage (or maybe additional poison effects); Spies get extra stealth or maybe even a cool effect like the ability to disguise yourself as any playable race; and Scrappers get better straight-up fighting (better Sinister Strike and Eviscerate, etc.), or maybe new combat abilities/dirty tricks. Each might also lose some power elsewhere (e.g., Assassins are great backstabbers/poisoners but lose some straight-up fighting ability). Becoming a specialist might involve a very tough/complex quest, or just gaining extra XP, or whatever. You could also choose to just remain a 60 Rogue.

When Burning Crusade was announced, it sounded like the Hero Class idea had gotten watered down, and now they were just going to make extra talents available at the end of each tree. So that a 70th-level character could (if appropriately specced) reach a 41-point talent that would give him a (hopefully) really impressive ability. Since you could only have one, and there’d be one in each tree, the idea is still that you pick one of three “specialties” for your character. If the 41-point talent is powerful enough, this could be just as character-altering as the other idea. But if it’s just something like the current 31-point talents, it’s probably just going to give you some extra flavor and power, but not really fundamentally alter the way you play.