WoW: The new Alliance race

I am 95% joking, but there have been times when I felt like the Horde were being favored. A good example is when Warsong Gulch was first introduced, and the Horde entrance was placed in Horde territory, while the Alliance entrance was in Contested territory, making it easy for Horde to attack the Alliance entrance while there was no opportunity for the Alliance to reciprocate.

The advantage that Will of the Forsaken conferred in WSG before it nerfed was also ridiculous. I used to wonder why so many Horde rolled Undead; not any more.

Of course these, along with a lot of imbalances, have been subsequently fixed, but they left a bad taste in my mouth at the time. And I continue to believe that the shamen class can go fuck itself.

If you want to see what the Draeni look like, go to Swamp of Sorrows. To the North when you first enter the zone, is a camp of them that hand out quests.

It’s another reason why I think the Draeni will be the Alliance race; the models are already in-game as was the blood elves (Lodge in E.Plague being an example)

And here I thought the massive size and tedium of the Barrens was proof that Alliance was favored.

I also hate Paladins.

I used to think the Barrens was boring, but now it’s one of my favorite zones. Visually I think it’s very well done, with an austere beauty, and as a post-noob zone it’s got just an insane amount of content. You can go from level 10-25 entirely within the Barrens.

I think Alliance fares better in the mid and late 20s though. Redridge and Darkshire are more fun than stonetalon, 1k needles, and Tarren Mill IMO.

Also, Alliance get to hang out in Ironforge/Dun Morogh, which is the most beautiful area in the game. We get Orgrimmar, the armpit of Azeroth.


I’m referencing this thread in the General WoW forums (warning: bricks falling, stupidity rampant, etc), which claims that the latest CGM named the Alliance race to be the Draenei in the February issue. At least, that’s what I gathered in between the broken “english” and l33t speak.

I did a Maraudon run once with a group of players in a guild called ‘Eyes of the Beholder’, when I asked if any of them had played any of the games, none even realised it was a gaming reference.

I’m going to make a guild called Horace Goes Skiing just to see how many PMs I get.

Ugh. If you don’t mind running all over the place. At level 15 or so, running into the south barrens, with no wind rider path…


I want to found a guild called Carebears of Kalimdor.

Before they added windrider to Camp T it was a drag, now I don’t mind it much. As for the upper barrens stuff, most of it is located within reasonable distance of Xroads or Ratchet. Except the odd man out like Miner’s Fortune.

Barrens is a state of mind, man, and horde players “get” it. :P

Which isn’t bad when you combine it with Samophlange, and, if you’re a Rogue, your poison quest right next door.

Yeah, the barrens is much much better 2nd time round. Before you know where everything is, it’s painful as hell, but these days I spend as much time as possible there so my time in 1k Needles is cut drastically.

I hate 1k Needles. Worst zone in the game.

Shimmering Flats is cool though, I just wish I could figure out how to get quests for those bugs off to the south west side of it.

New race:


My guess is it will be Naga… It has to be related to the Outlands in some way and also be fresh and exciting…and the art thing people talk about for them not having feet or whatever is nonsense b/c Tauren don’t have shoes on their feet do they?

It’s been a while since I ran my Orc through there and my Tauren isn’t ready for it yet, but the quests come from the Orc war party who killed the dwarves there but got too beaten up in the process to take out the bugs. I think the series might start at Freewind Post.

Edit: sorry I missed that you said south west, I was thinking of the ones at the dig site, if you meant another bunch of bugs, please ignore me.

The bug quests are nothing to write home about. Shimmering Flats is good XP - it’s not much fun, though. Admittedly I do view it as separate from 1kN and it doesn’t get the same hate.

I’m really quite forgiving usually. I even like Desolace a lot.

My guess is it will be Naga… It has to be related to the Outlands in some way and also be fresh and exciting…and the art thing people talk about for them not having feet or whatever is nonsense b/c Tauren don’t have shoes on their feet do they?

Actually, how it’s done for Tauren/Trolls is that they simply cut off the boot graphic, leaving you with the ankle/shin graphic. It’s pretty ghetto, really.

Ok, someone got back from the store with a copy of the magazine, and did some very poor scanning:

Link to scans removed

In that third link, you can, if you read carefully and don’t bug out your eyes, see: “Alliance will enjoy playing as the Draenai”

This can only end well.

Yeah, good thinking there.

I’m still a WoW newbie who knows nothing of the Warcraft backstory that’s not included in the quests a Gnome Warrior would take up to level 26, so what’s the problem with the Draenai?