WoW: The Wrath of Fishing Poles

The character I’ve enjoyed playing the most so far is my Undead Warlock, who is up to 12th level. I use my normal series of spells, and then switch to my 3.3 DPS (Damage per Second) dagger to conserve mana. Daggers and wands are the only types of weapons Warlocks can use that I’m aware of.

My fishing skill is around 60, and I go to the Fishing Supplies vendor and notice an upgraded Fishing Pole. My old one did 1.0 DPS, not that that matters during fishing. The new one I notice does 5.7 DPS. It also gives a +5 bonus to Fishing skill, ostensibly the important thing.

Staves cannot be equipped by Warlocks. The Fishing Pole, which is a wooden stick, logically a Staff, CAN be equipped by Warlocks (and everyone else) as both a fishing tool and as a weapon.

I feel bad for my Imp. During my off hours when he gets together with his Imp buddies, they swap tales of Afflictions and searing bolts of energy delivered by their Warlock masters. My Imp shakes his head and says “Mine beats on enemies with a fishing pole”.

Goddamn it I love video games.

What’s your hit rate, like, though? If you can’t learn staves I’d imagine your skill in it is zero, and you’d miss a lot.

There’s a quest that can result in a gun, called “Dwarven Fishing Pole.” It’s a nice gun, but sadly, it cannot be used to fish.

I only used it for a bit, and switched back to the dagger in order to keep increasing my dagger skill. I also didn’t pay a large amount of attention to my hit rate, but it seemed to be reasonable, at least not obviously substantially worse than my dagger hit rate (dagger skill around 55 now I think). I was definitely doing more DPS with the fishing pole than the 3.3 DPS dagger.

So… am I missing something, or does every weapon in WoW have a DoT effect?

They don’t, damage per second is just the average damage per second if you hit with every swing.

While I was fishing for deviants, I caught a 17 pound tuna.

I can equip it in my off hand and beat monsters with it.

Now that is classy.

I love how some games offer “alternative” weapons, I think its a smart move. Most of these types of weapons - like shovels, pitchforks, ect. are pretty useless once you get a “rusted dagger” or face anything more than a group of rats.

However, not trying to go off-topic here too much, but Fable’s ‘Frying Pan of Doom’ was a great weapon. Great stuff.

Hoe of Destruction > all :P

Just a quick note: Warlocks can use staves, they just need to pay 10 s to train in them first. Go to the appropriate city’s weaponmaster to learn. I don’t know where for alliance but for the hoard you have to go to Thunder Bluff.

They can buy swords too, for 10s. My warlock alt uses swords because my main is a blacksmith, so I can keep her supplied with weapons as she levels. Swords usually have higher DPS than the equivalent level dagger, so I think it’s worth it.

Hell yeah. I should go back and get that thing sometime.

If you’re a Warrior, around level 19, just go and buy all the weapon skills that are available to you. It amounts to less than 2g, which is about what you will start paying for skill training at that point, so get used to that anyway. You’ll be glad you did later.

Different weapon skills are available in different cities and it is axiomatic that whichever one you want won’t be found in the city closest to you when you loot that superweapon you can’t use yet. Don’t let this happen to you. Twice.

Also, if you’re a Warrior, get Daggers as soon as possible. Immediately after buying four bags, I’d say. The faster speed lets you build more Rage and more Rage equals more fun.

That’s exactly what I did in beta too (playing NE). It was lvl 19 or 20 and I took a trip way over to Ironforge to train in 2H, Axes, etc. Spendy, but worth getting started as soon as possible.

And dual wielding with a sword/axe and dagger is good stuff. Wish you could dual with axes or swords though. :/

If you mean what I think you mean, you are incorrect. My NE Hunter is currently swinging two swords.

It depends on the weapon. A weapon that says ‘main hand’ must be used in the main hand. A weapon that says ‘one-hand’ can be wielded in the offhand or main hand, provided you have the weapon skill for its’ type. Two-hand, of course, means it goes in your main hand slot and that you can not put anything in your offhand. There are one-handed swords, axes and maces that are flagged as ‘one-hand’, but most of them are flagged as ‘main hand’.

I played a Warrior to 60 in the CB and worked through all of the high end PvE content except for the last batch of true raid stuff, Molten Core and Onyxia.

I am playing one now too. Its harder at lower levels than I remember it being. My beta Warrior was Human and this one is Tauren, the content they are experiencing could have something to do with it. The zone progression on the Horde side is definitely not as player friendly as it is on the Alliance side. Beyond that, the late changes to combat mechanics annoy the fuck out of me. I miss a lot versus stuff my level or higher. A lot. I really didnt like many of the changes they made to the game in the last two months or so of the beta, especially as they pertained to Warriors.

I would say get dagger ASAP as a Warrior because there are some whip ass, smithed lower level daggers. They blow away the other 1h weps you have access too. Fast weapons also benefit heavily from sharpening stones and +damage enchantments. Soloing, I use dagger+shield for stuff close to my level. When bottom feeding, 2h all the way. I dont buy weapon skills until I have a weapon I cant use that I want to use. Buying smithing and class training has me broke as hell as it is.


Weird, I could of sworn I tried a “one-hand” sword with a “main-hand” sword in beta, but must be mistaken and both were main-hand.

Well, that’s good news. Now to find a good one-hand sword or axe!

Dagger, dagger, dagger.

I played a warrior for a bit and was underwhelmed at their power. My hunter and my mage both completely owned him as far as killing power.

The problem is I absolutely LOVE Warriors. I love being the huge killing machine encased in steel. But Blizzards description of the warrior class on their web site is “A good character if you like to take lots of damage”

Oh… boy.

That kind of mentality is a curse of the fantasy RPG genre. Warriors are always guys who end up bottom of the heap in almost any game. It’s hard to design interesting twists into an archetype that basically boils down to “big dumb guy with stick”.