WoW: Thunderfury

Now that our guild has MC on farm status (read: it is now very boring) our officers decided to make a rule for which class gets a shot at legendary drops like essence of the firelord and bindings of the windseeker for Thunderfury and Sulfuras.

They basically came to the conclusion Thunderfury will be open to warriors of all specs first and Sulfuras would be open to paladins and warriors of any spec, with the additional catch that the person who gets the legendary weapon may be required to change his spec to use it at its full potential.

I’m the guild offtank and sometimes maintank (we have a sort of rotation policy for tanks to give the other protection warriors more experience) and I thought I’d go for TF.

Does anyone have an opinion on which warrior spec is probably more suitable to use TF? It seems logical enough that with the amount of aggro it generates due to its proc, and the fact that that proc works on bosses, that it should be with someone tanking high end instance bosses. The damage range also seems a bit too low compared to sword and dagger drops in MC like Perdition’s Blade or the Brutality Blade, so its damage range may also be a bit gimped for a fury warrior. The aggro generation which would kill rogues in one hit if they got it, losing the sword’s proc for the duration of the rogue’s death, as well as the smaller damage levels are the reason they decided to offer TF to warriors first. The speed is quite fast (though not the best) which would also make it good for both a protection or a fury warrior for faster aggro generation and/or more hits in a certain time.

Any opinions on which class and/or spec benefits better of TF? Preferably from someone who has it, seen it in action, or has a friend/guildmate that has it.

Give it to your main tank. The aggro that beast produces is incredible, and it’s all from the proc. My own warrior is a Fury/ DPS warrior with Ashkandi and every other drop I wanted from MC, BWL and the first half of AQ40. I have actually tried to pull aggro from our MT in Nef phase 2, and I’ve failed. Our Sulfuras wielder and our dual-wield Crul’Shoruk/ Doom’s Edge warrior have also tried, all without success. Between his spec (Protection) and the TF proc, our MT is glue with boots on.

For a dual-wield fury warrior, or any rogue, there are far better DPS-oriented toys. TF’s raw DPS is not spectacular. It’s just an aggro monster.

I saw a Thunderfury on my server. It was… inspiring.

I would, but that’s not quite the way it works. The way they do it is others in the guild vote confidentially for 3 warriors to get TF, and then when the bindings drop, the 3 warriors randomly roll for it and you have to roll for it if you’re selected. Aside from the fact that we alternate main tank roles, the guild main tank is also the guild master and he is of the opinion that officers should not be the ones to get priority on legendary equipment. He expects to be one of the warriors chosen, but does not want priority on loot so he went with this scheme.

Whatever your loot system, just make sure that the eventual wielder is someone who wants the aggro it will generate. It also helps if they’re likely to stick around. The damage mitigation from that proc is significant.

At this point in WoW item progression, I’m not sure if Thunderfury is worth the mats. Depending on your guild’s rules, it might not be worth the hassle either. In many guilds, if you win the Left Binging you’re “Locked in” to MC until you get the Right Binding. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could get jazzed up to spend 4 hours a week hoping for a single 3% drop.

Rogues will force more procs.

Tanks will benefit more from the nature resistance.

I have actually tried to pull aggro from our MT in Nef phase 2, and I’ve failed.

You’d need to push out about 1400 sustained DPS to pull aggro off of the MT on Nef Phase 2, assuming a baseline of full-out tanking gear + Quel’Serrar. Substantially more would be needed if your MT is 5/5 defiance. Assuming your tank has a “TANK SHIT” macro that queues heroic strike with his sunder, of course.

The advantage of Thunderfury isn’t extra threat (it’s pretty much negligible). The advantage of Thunderfury is a targeted 20% attack speed debuff. For this reason, it is better to give it to a rogue (melee damage from weapon-based skills trigger the proc) or a warrior who isn’t 31+ protection (shield slam does not trigger the proc, nor does sunder)

Warning: Rambling ahead!

We have about 8 warriors in my guild – 4 are dedicated tanks, and the others are either all-out DPS or hybrid builds. I’m DPS. In March, we had our first Eye of Sulf drop, and, as I was the only DPS warrior who was there at the time (and in need of a serious 2H upgrade), it was defaulted to me. (woot!)

I had Sulfuras built a week later, and since then – even surrounded by tier-2-wearing rogues, mages, hunters, and locks (we’re farming BWL) – I’m usually top 2 or 3 in damage, no matter what we’re doing. We’ve reached the point where the rogues consider me a honorary member of their class. :)

My guild’s general philopsophy is to treat pallys and druids as casters in raids, so it’s unlikely that we’d ever let one of those classes bid against a warrior for a top-end 2H. Considering how successful I’ve been with Sulfuras, and the fact that we have another DPS warrior with a Spinal Reaper who also puts out insane damage, I tend to agree with that philosophy. If your guild were to get an Eye of Sulf, I would highly recommend getting it in the hands of a DPS-specced warrior, or at least request that any warrior who gets it go full-time DPS.

As far as Thunderfury: I can see equal cases for rogues and tanks. A friend of mine – a rogue – had one of the first TFurys on my server, and he’s the only rogue I’ve pugged with since I got Sulfuras who’s been able to outdamage me in instances like UBRS or Dire Maul (pugs for me these days usually involve guild members or friends in epics). My guild also just completed our first Thunderfury, which went to a tank, and it’s both helped him a great deal in terms of holding aggro as well as dishing out damage. I don’t know exactly what abilities he’s using, but it procs non-stop. At the moment, we have another tank and another rogue with bindings, waiting for the other to drop. I think it’s cool to let either class go for it.

Really, though, Legendary drops are so rare and cost so much to build that they’re not the kind of items you’d “hold out” for. When I was scoping out potential 2H upgrades, I never gave any thought to Sulfuras – it was just a wild card that happened to fall into my lap one day. Have your guild set some rules for each, and if the parts drop, so be it. It’s probably not the worst idea in the world for any guild to make sure that Legendarys end up in the hands of players who aren’t going to jump ship a week later. :)

We couldn’t really decide between our main rogue and our MT - in the end it went to the MT because of the work he’s put in and because the rogues aren’t sure TF is absolutely worth it for them.

The same bindings dropped again at the weekend so the rogue has it too :)

I’m not holding out for them. The way it’s done is that if you win the roll in the aforementioned scenario you get a large amount of dkp deducted whether you are in minus dkp or plus. The amount of dkp you actually have at the time it drops is not an issue. So I’m not holding out on it. The only holding out I’m doing is not selling arcanite bars :P

I wouldn’t count on getting any of those weapons ever, but if you want a good priority for Thunderfury I’d say you should give it to the rogue or warrior who raids the most. What you’re after is mainly the debuff, not the dps or aggro (which is just normal dps-aggro anyway).

Sulfuras doesn’t matter much, when we finally got it none of the warriors were interested and we gave it to a Shaman.

We got thunderfury for our head rogue. Nice looking weapon. Used to be better.

My guild has had something like 5 or 6 eyes drop (all before I joined) and most of those were in the first dozen or less rag kills, it was actually greater than a 50% drop rate for them for a while. The problem has been ingots so we’ve only had three Sulfuras’ made so far. It’s definitely a very good warrior weapon. The warriors with them are capable of keeping up with the rogues easily enough. It’s also a good shaman weapon, the damage is insane and coupled with windfury makes any shaman with it a very capable melee dps’er.

As for Thunderfury, one of the rogue’s has it and it’s not the aggro machine everyone is saying it is, it doesn’t generate any additional threat other than the damage it inflicts. The problem with Thunderfury is that if you’re fighting anything with significant nature resist the damage from it bottoms out fast. There are several fights where he switches back to his Vis’kag because he does significantly more damage with it and if TF’s proc is resisted the mob isn’t being affected by the 20% attack speed debuff anyway. In these situations it doesn’t make a very good tanking weapon either since there’s no debuff and less damage being done by the main tank (even though damage isn’t the main source of aggro generation for tanks). The MT would probably be better off switching to his Quel in that case for the proc. It’s kind of too bad that they made TF so proc dependant and then have it such that the proc can be resisted by several bosses and mobs it takes away a lot of it’s utility.

i bought the mass of mcgowan once for my warrior

/slinks off

At least you didn’t have a pickup group shadow priest with Mass of McGowan try to heal you in Dire Maul west.

In a PvE-focused guild, only your Main Tank should ever have access to this weapon. Its the best tanking weapon in the game at the moment.

In a PvP-focused guild with the current overpowering of warriors, your biggest PvP warrior should probably have it… if warriors weren’t overpowered then a rogue would make excellent use of it.

Also, you’re going to need Pure Elementium Ore to forge the weapon, which unless you can find some at the AH or from another guild you’ll be getting in BWL, along with the training to convert the ore to bars.

Its the best tanking weapon in the game at the moment.

No. If your MT needs the extra threat that much,

Arguably the best in the game.

If your MT is a druid… which s/he probably isn’t