WoW: Tom, Bruce, Mark, and you, on Frostwolf (uhh, Horde only, plz!)

You guys know about this World of Warcraft game thing, right? Are any of you playing it? Are any of you playing it on Frostwolf? On the Horde side? Who aren’t doing anything else this Friday night (4/18)?

Me, Bruce Geryk, and Mark Asher have level 23 characters who are going into some sort of Shadowfang Keep Fortress instance thing, and we could use a couple of folks we know to come along. Want to join us so we aren’t at the mercy of what PUG* we can form?

  • This means “pick up group”, and it’s what you call it when you hook up with random yahoos, who may or may not be helpful.

I’m almost willing to resubscribe and level a character to 23 between now and then. I just bought Sins of a Solar Empire though (getting it tomorrow).

I’m still holding out a bit before I jump into the World of Warcraft thing. I think its just a fad.

What class do you want? I could be persuaded to make a guest appearance, possibly :)

Uh, what class? Let’s see, I’m a paladin. Mark is a, uh, a thing of some sort. Maybe a wizard? And Bruce is, I think, a hunter. He’s a really dorky looking elf is mainly what I know. So we’ve got enough of those.

-Tom, obviously not the group leader for this expedition

Man I have been looking for an excuse to get back into WoW but can’t even start until next week-you guys thinking of doing stuff like this semi-regularly by any chance?

Hah! I will perhaps roll up a moocow Druid and come join in on your fun. :) Prepare yourselves for Missbeef, the Tauren Druid!

Calvin, for me, this probably isn’t going to be a regular thing. When I have time to get into an MMO for fun, it’ll be LOTRO. But I’m pretty sure a fair number of folks on the forum do this way more than semi-regularly. :)


My brand-new belf warlock Zigi is desperately trying to catch up to SFK range by Friday.

Will… he… make it?? Only time will tell. I think he’s 7 now, but maybe I can get him to 9 tonight…

Bah, only low level horde I have are on Arathor or Sargeras.

Tom I thought you said one of you was a priest, so you had healing and tanking (with the pally) covered?

Athryn made the smart play; Druids are a good choice because they can fill any role. I went with a warlock. Oh well, he’s level 11 now.

I could move over a 19 twink warrior I abandoned, get a couple levels, and you’d have a ridiculously overgeared tank.

Bruce is moonlighting on our group? For shame! Why aren’t you guys on Arathor?

To think I had jsut started work on a shaman just the other day, on Arathor.

I am a priest. That means that healing will be an issue! I’m new at healing. I really am only playing so that when I let Brooski die and he complains about my lack of healing, I can say, “Physician, heal thyself!” I’ve been saving that one for awhile.

I could roll a cow druid, but by Friday it’ll probably be below lvl 10, so no help to y’all. ;)


I don’t have any toons on Frostwolf, unfortunately.

Is this for a Tom vs Bruce? Because I’ve never played wow, but I’d sure like to read about your shenanigans.

Yes come to Arathor so that my Alliance toons can gank you (particularly Bruce) and camp your graves. hehe

I only wish I had the time to play WoW like I did when I was in college. Right now I only play games that I can pause or save and walk away from at any point I want to.