WOW trial of the north americans

So Blizzard finally lets ppl try WOW for free for 10 days (or 14 for FP subscribers), but only if they live in north america. Now I know they have 4.5 mil players and all, but that doesnt usually stop companies from trying to get more customers. What is the reason behind that? :?

Possibly an attempt at controlling the impact on their infrastructure - at times it can be somewhat, err, “fragile”. During your trial you’re on a live server with paying customers, so maybe they want to just keep things in check for awhile. The correct answer is of course to sort your infrastructure problems, but maybe they’re saving that for the expansion pack :)

Here’s hoping. I’m actually going to cancel my account while I
a) wait for them to fix things
b) work on the mod.

[size=1]To be honest it’s actually B more than A, but it plays a part…[/size]

Well, the mags (at least one) distributed a trial account in the last few months and Blizzard has recently sent keys to subscribers for friends to try the game.

I downloaded the trial and I literally fell asleep playing this thing. Not sure why but I found EQII much more to my liking.

I would love to try everquest II, does anyone know if the trial of the isle installs the whole game?

It’s a huge download so if it installs the entire game and I could just upgrade to a regular subscription just by paying the monthly fee I’d do the trial, if I would have to go out and buy the game anyway then I’ll just do that sometime since it’s down to 19.95 most places now.

The retail package is a two-DVD installation (or ten CDs), with a total footprint of about 7 gigabytes. But Trial of the Isle is a 1.67GB download, so it looks like you don’t have the whole shebang.

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Anyone that knows or you can circumvent it if you’re not in America? I’ve a few friends who would really like to try WoW, but don’t want to play 45 euro to do so.

A ten day pass would be great for them.

Hopefully they’ll soon also open the europe servers for trials.

There’s always the PC Gamer/CGW trials (which are 14 days, btw), which may not have the same restriction.