WoW UI question for the tecchies

Round about 1.6 patch I had trouble with odd fonts loading, crafting screens not showing abilities and error messages popping up. The WoW site advised this was caused by a bad FrameXML file and several people there on the tech site recommended removing the folder. While Blizz didn’t post anything agreeing with them, they didn’t post anything warning not to do it, either

I removed the folder and everything went back to normal, which was great. But after this last 1.9 patch I get the FrameXML trying to concoctate 9or some such word) an unknown or null value. It happens most with CT Raid (I have the latest version) but sometimes just happens out of the blue.

Now my question would be, what is causing this? How can a non-existant FrameXML file be trying to do anything, let alone screwing it up? Is there an easy fix for this? Note: I did re-install the old FrameXML file, and all the old issues returned. Re-removing the file has not done anything for these error messages. Also, these messages do not seem to actually stop me from doing anything, they just pop up and get in my way.

Thanks in advance!

Empty out your interface folder. Some UI mods add framexml stuff.

I doubt that it’s a non-existant file. It’s most likely a file in one of their libraries. I’d remove all mods, and then run the Blizzard repair tool that’s in your base WoW directory. It’ll scan your libraries and ensure you’ve got the latest of everything. Once your done, rerun the game without any mods, and see if you still get the error. If you do, you might be due for a complete reinstall.

If it works without the mods installed, add the very latest version of each mod in one at a time to try and determine which is causing you the trouble. If the error reappears after a particular mod is installed, you may want to contact the author of the mod to see if he/she has any further suggestions.

FrameXML isn’t a file, it’s the directory that contains all the base UI portions for WoW. Do you use a different UI, especially Cosmos, other than the base UI?

I’ve had issues with CT_Raid causing errors before (primarily when I log back in after being in a raid and getting kicked out), but not reliably or often.

If you’re using an alternate UI that modifies the FrameXML directly, 1.10 will break the whole UI anyway because it will no longer be possible to implement a UI by simply modifying the UI. UI makers will have to override the innate functions, and I’m betting that this will mean at least a few UIs just go away because it’d be a lot of work to rewrite some of them.

Just to check things out, go into your WoW/Interfaces director and move the entire FrameXML directory elsewhere. This will remove any custom UI that depends on hacking the FrameXML files directly. If you’re still having errors show up from CT_Raid after that I’d be surprised. (Also note that currently the blizzard UI stack is kinda crappy for telling you where an error is… so while it may be a CT_Raid error message you see, depending on what the error is it may be possible that something else is causing the error and the UI is just misreporting where on the stack the error comes from).

While the experts are here…

I have had a problem for a long time where my bags appear behind my hot bars. I have CT mod and a few others, but I turned off the CT mod hot bars and only use WoW’s default one and still my bags appear behind the side bars.

Also other windows do as well, like the AV score page clips behind the hot bar buttons on the side which makes scrolling it nearly impossible.

To both people asking questions: if you haven’t cleared out all your Interface/FrameXML stuff, do that first. Yes, it means you may have to reinstall your mods, but between WoW version updates and arbitrary mod versions, sometimes things fall out of whack.

Every single time I’ve had a problem (which has been quite a few, across every patch and multiple computers), clearing all the Interface/FrameXML folders (and then reinstalling any mods I want) has fixed it.

Also deleting your wtf and wdb folders also helps. Unfortunately, doing this will reset all your game settings and keybindings back to their defaults, but I’ve found that it’s often necessary to fix some nagging UI issues.

You can often fix those same issues simply be deleting the savedvariables.lua files, rather than killing everything.

Will killing that FramesXML folder reset all my mod data (even assuming I have to reinstall the mods)? I know I can install over other mods without loosing any data.

It depends how poorly the mods are made. In general any modd that has a directory in …/Interface/AddOns should be okay. Any mod that doesn’t is presumably in the FramesXML directory and is likely to get mucked up.

Again, though, any mod that works from the FramesXML modification technique is going to inherently break next patch anyway.

It doesn’t do it when the add-ons are disabled. I kind of figured I have some or the other old mod in there that’s giving me grief. It does appear to work with CT RAID somehow, though. i notice I get the error whenever some adds or leaves or moves groups, dies, rezzes, etc. It is the latest version, thouhg, and doesn’t give me any other symptoms, so I’m wondering if it’s some other mod that is reading something being done by CT Raid.

Deleting the savedvariables.lua file sounds like an easy attempt. I’ll try that first. I also use that file when updating my RPGOutfitter information.