WoW: Which side should QT3 choose?

I vote Horde. Just because.

yay for bad guys!

I’m going to put a write-in vote for “FACK NO YOU JOKE ME!”

Horde because that’s what my friends are playing.

Also, Horde because I want to play a druid, and only races that can be one are night elves and tauren. I absolutely loath the look of the night elves, which sort of narrows it down.

Alliance for me, I don’t like the Horde much other than the Tauren. Besides, the content on the Alliance continents is much more abundant than for the Horde.

I can’t abide that mentality… if I were alliance I’d feel like I were beating up on underprivileged kids.


One of the few things that is (sort of) original about the otherwise very derivative warcraft universe is a lot of messing with who is good and who is bad. In Warcraft 3, Humans were close to the nastiest race (well, aside from undead, but even they got a little sympathetic). Taurens are about the only race that came across as “good”.

Two words: Undead Rogue.

For the record, that’s all a game needs to guarantee my sale.

I’m writing in “single-player games are so much better than this.” I demand equal representation in polls!

I’m down with playing an Undead Rogue, like I did in the stress test. I’d also like to play a hunter which I can’t do as undead. But a Tauren Hunter would be pretty cool, too. I could be a big bull running around with a huge blunderbuss! That rox.

I have to play a Dwarven Paladin… it’s in my blood.

For those thinking Horde becuase they’re “evil.”

they’re not really, not so much. Most of the quests for most of the horde races are all about restoring honor and defending the earth and shit. The undead have some cool stuff about making a new plague, but beyond that there’s not much evil about them.

I’ve played quite a few races and classes up well above level 15 in the beta, and so far I like the Alliance better. The alliance lands are just better fleshed out, and there seems to be (to me) just a bit less of the “great now go kill 20 of these thingies and bring me their stingers” type quests, which get old in a hurry.

I don’t have a major objection to playing the Horde, if that’s the way it goes I’ll swing with it, but I cast my vote for Alliance.

I’m definitely playing Alliance, because most of my friends are. I’ve also heard the same thing about Alliance quests and lands being more put together. I like the idea of the Horde and will probably have a Horde alt. But my main is going to have to be Alliance to hang out with Ben Sones and Grisha and the like.

Alliance are all a bunch of goddamn whiners.

Do you guys realize that if you go Alliance because “the devs spent more time here” you will be setting yourself up for unsatisfying PvP? You’re going to have overwhelming numbers in any large-scale conflicts. Based on Qt3 comments alone, the Alliance is shaping up to be the zerging side.

Qt3-Planetside was always the underdog when I played, and I liked it. My last run in PS, the Vanu had unbeatable Lasher heavy assault rifles, and we as NC were constantly battling against enormous odds. It was heady.

That being said, it looks like most people are going to side with their RL friends (or at least their closer internet friends) before they join factions with Qt3.


I liked the tauren shaman I had and the orc rogue I made wasn’t too bad. I had the most fun as a dwarf mage or night elf hunter though.

Zerging is the only way Alliance ever wins. Alliance players are the kind who want their hand held. Horde players are the ones willing to do everything themselves. With that in mind, most Alliance players are poor in PVP. One on one, Horde players almost always come out on top. But, not long after, you’ll see a zerg of alliance come after that person.

Alliance Zergs, but Horde is vicious. I’ve seen a small group of Horde do vicious strikes against alliance that they just can’t withstand at all. But it never lasts, because the Alliance always calls in friends and then zergs you.

I have spent a lot of time grouped up with a friend of mine (60 shaman, I’m 44 warrior) doing pvp. And we’ll leave anyone alone who doesn’t fit our levels. But when we find even fights (which is more often than you’d think, a lot of high level characters do escort for lower level friends), we always come out on top… until we’re facing off against 10+ alliance.

If you are interested in fair fights, good luck if you are alliance. I mean, if you want to do fair fights, that’s cool. But the people you play with will always be zerging. They cannot take losing at all, and they always bring in friends.

Let me give a nice example. As I was spending some time mining in Alterac a week or so ago (when I was ~42), I got jumped by a 47 Alliance Rogue while I was clearing out some mobs. I kicked his ass three ways from sunday, and continued my job. He came back, tried again, got the same result. After that he’d just run from me if he saw me. Until, of course, he came by with another 45, and then they proceeded to kill me, and attempt to corpse camp.

This kind of a situation is not isolated.

unlike charles, i was not trying to prove that all Alliance players are bitches. i just wouldn’t enjoy playing for the faction with overwhelming numbers.

Also, for the record, just to counteract my all alliance players are bitches stance, you will hear Horde players complaining about a lack of quests and finished areas and such… honestly, I haven’t had a major shortage of quests except for a little stretch in the high 20s. Other than that I’ve had enough to get me to level, though it probably resulted in me levelling slower than an alliance does. But I’ve never had to resort to grinding mobs to level, every single thing I kill is almost always for a quest.