WoW + Wirless network = Router Crash

Ok so I am having a problem with my wireless network and I Cant seem to figure out what is causing it. I think it may be a port forwarding issue but I am little unsure at this point.

When I load up WoW on my laptop using my wireless network it causes the router to crash forcing me to reboot the router. At first thought it was a DHCP issue so I gave the latop settings to use but that didnt solve the problem.

Has anyone run in to this problem with their wireless networks?

If your router has any trace/log functionality that’d be the first place I would check to see what’s happening before it crashes. Going from there, is this recent as in since the last patch or has it always been an issue? Wouldn’t surprise me if too many packets are getting screwed up and/or your router is acting like it’s suffering a DOS and shutting down.

not a tech, just mental notes I’d go through first

You may also want to visit: there seems to be a lot of people having that problem.

I tried checking the router log and its empty becuase the thing locks up so I have to reboot it. I am not sure why its only doing it with the wireless connection but with the wired connection it works just peachy.

Wouldn’t surprise me if too many packets are getting screwed up and/or your router is acting like it’s suffering a DOS and shutting down

That could be it honestly but thats really weird if thats whats causing it. I’ll have to do some digging and see what I can figure out.

I’ve had intermittent problems of this nature as well. One time, I would always crash the wireless router whenever I clicked the “Accept” button on the Quest window. Another time, I crashed the router whenever I logged in a particular character but not any other characters on the same account. Mostly, clearing the Interface folder seems to clear this up for me. I haven’t had any problems for a while now though.

What router do you have?
Have you tried getting a firmware update for it?

Netgear router with the latest firmware installed. Its just weird that it only does it over the wirless. It really jacks the router up making me hard reset the thing.

So I guess this might be the problem

but who the fuck knows. Like I said its only a wireless problem and the wired connection works fine. Who the hell knows.

Well fuck I just tried to log on to a char that is not in the main cities and that one loads just fine. I just cant load any char that is in the main cities for some reason. Wtf kinda shit is that?

That’s some fucked up shit, man.

Hey Marcus i have exactly the same issue but when the internet is off i can still access steam and skype. Have you been able to fix this problem yet?

In a little over 4 years? I would hope so, but I wouldn’t expect him to remember details. Btw, welcome.

Yeah I got a new router. Fuck Netgear.