[WOW] Wrath of the Lich King - Official

Here be the site

Here be the announcement

Let the anticipation and conjecture begin… NOW!

EDIT: Well, I thought it deserved its own thread. Shoulda realized news broke here at Qt3 in the other thread as it had been more than 5 mins. since the announcement. :P

There will be rep grinds.

Quest drops at 72 will be better than T5.

Inscriptions will be both overpowered and primarily BoP.

Death Knights will start out overpowered, and then will subsequently be nerfed.

Sounds about right.

BTW, the FAQ on the site says no release date has been set as of this moment.

Destructible buildings…yummy.

And YAY new icy environs. Us dwarves love us some frigid temps!!!

What I don’t get is…

… aren’t destructable buildings already in the game?

How is this a selling point when Alterac Valley has had destructable buildings for like two years?

Maybe you can knock down walls and stuff instead of just one-step razing an entire building.

I’m guessing they mean they actually crumble. All the AV buildings do is catch on fire.

You can change your hairstyle!!

That’s the most exciting part! Now I’ll be able to pick one of the 4 other styles I never got a chance to use!

I… will probably not resub for this. Finally hero classes, but I just couldn’t do 1-70 again. And I have little faith in WoW expansions after TBC.

All I can say is thank god for the writers strike

They said at a panel they would add some new lower level content (didn’t say how much), and make some changes to speed up leveling. Plus, Death Knights will start a high level.

I can’t wait to see an entire race of Chumley the Walrus. Do they get penguin mounts?

huh? .

I’m assuming he means he’ll have a lot of time to play.

The lack of punctuation shows you he’s already on writer’s strike!

I’m happy the walrus people are going to be in game, when I was perusing the wowwiki a while back, they were one of the cooler things listed amongst the inhabitants of Northrend. Those and Mangataurs are both awesome.

If you want to see some more possible info on what the zones and mobs will be like, the gathered info on Wowwiki is pretty handy. I hope they have the Crystalsong Forest!

Also, since Ulduar is located on Northrend, this may mean that Uldum will finally have something done with it. :)

God. That video is awesome. Blizzard’s art directors and environment artists are amazing. Makes me wish I hadn’t got banned. :(

This is a stealth nerf to dwarf priestesses. I was lucky^H^H^H^H^H smart enough to take the twin ponytails on mine, so she gets the awesome twirling ponytail casting animation. Now every dwarf priestess will switch over to ponytails, and devalue my incredible foresight.