[WOW] Wrath of the Lich King - Official

This went completely unnoticed:

Will there be any graphical enhancements?

Yes. We’re currently working on some technical enhancements to the game’s graphics, and we’ll be discussing these further in the months ahead.

That said, I hate flash sites.

Two words: Siege Weapons!

I wonder if they will go with the original idea of only letting engineers operate siege weapons?

Doubtful, but if they did, my engineer might actually have some value to being an engineer other than goggles…

Huh? An expansion widely hailed as one of the best expansions EVAR, and it caused you to lose faith?

Dude… everyone loved BC. Everyone. Except for… <gasp> Gentlemen, I think we’ve found one of them. Get the silver bullets.

Bombs are useful and I’ll brook no word against them.

(No, seriously, if you’re a warrior without Piercing Howl, you can drop a bomb and run to get away from fights. It’s handy.)

The expansion will come out and TBC instances will be abandoned. And as always only 3% of the server population will ever get to experience TBC high end content before it dies.

I really have to wonder why Blizz bothers to put high end raiding content in the game. Hands up who has experienced Naxx ? And not just one or two bosses.

Three things.

1 - Goblin Jumper Cables.
2 - Seaforium Charges
3 - Grenades/Bombs

Those three are enough to make Engineering useful. Maybe the least useful of all the professions, but still not worthless (in fact, Seaforium Charges if you use them like crazy will probably net you a profit on taking Engineering in the first place).

The problem with bombs is the new high end stuff is just damned expensive to make.

Naxx? Hell I never saw any of the level 60 content as I didn’t ding 60 until about a month after TBC came out. And with my playstyle I probably wont even hit 70 until sometime after this new expansion comes out.

What did EverQuest do, if anything, to stop this flaw of the leveling treadmill?

I would’ve thought they would have announced “Pro” versions of existing dungeons, but alas.

And I don’t play WoW anymore, so I was hoping for Diablo 3… too bad.

The Goblin Shrink Ray is pretty awesome too.

Don’t forget the gnomish poultryiser!

The most surprising bit to come out of Blizzcon for me is that they’re actually developing a new 25-man instance (Sunwell) that’s set to release before the expansion. So either the expansion is a long, long way off or they’re setting up for another Naxxramas situation, where < .1% of the population will finish the zone.

Without major nerfing, most raid groups on my server will be lucky to get out of The Eye in 4-6 months, let alone make any real Hyjal/Black Temple progress.

There’s also a new 5-man due out as well pre-expansion, which is nice to hear, especially if it ends up being another winged hub with 3 or so instances.

Gamestop has a new WoW Battlechest product listed.

Yeah I am not sure why exactly they spend so much time on content that 1% of people see/use. I guess its like nvidia making $800 graphics cards?

edit: World of Warcraft Rankings for Mythic+ and Raid Progress That site is awesome for seeing approximate percentages of how many use what…BT/Hyjal are under 2% right now. A whopping .09% of raid guilds have killed Illidan!

Well, if any significant number of guilds actually did any of this content for any reason but to get gear, I could see the argument. Seems like a blast to me to be able to go back to older instances at level 80, but guilds really don’t do that, do they?

Depends on your guild really. When most raiding guilds got a lot of level 70s, we did a pug from the top 3 or 4 raiding guilds on the server who had been to Naxxramas and we cleared it all in 1 day. It was quite a bit of fun to go back to it as Naxx was one of the better designed instances.

Yeah it depends on the guild, some guilds still need to go to Nax, for instance, because that’s the only place to get good frost resistance leather for bear tanks. But my guild has gone in and rolled over ZG and AQ20 just for fun. We try to bring everyone who is remotely near the level so they can get some gear also. :)

I wish they’d waited a little longer so that they would have more information to give us. I’d like to know about new races and new class abilities, but it sounds like that’s still on the drawing board. It’s a brief, bullet-point list with some wallpaper and a trailer. And some extant lore. Hard to get specifically excited :(

Edit: Well, there are some new bits of info to be gleaned from the “environments” section, but it’s difficult to separate the narrative voice from tangible content. I like the Easter Island-style statues with seal tusks on them, though. Nice touch.

Even with 35 people with average of level 68, ZG takes far, far too long. It really needs to be a winged instance.