Wrack - Cel Shaded Doomy Retro 3D FPS


By the guy that made the Skulltag mod for Doom. There’s a write-up on RPS. They even brought in Bobby Prince to supply music!

I think I want this.

Do you? The video makes it look very low rent. That shotgun especially … very unsatisfying.

Yes, I do want this. For a largely one-man show, I’m impressed. Speed looks good. Movement looks fluid and fast.

Weapons lack any sense of feel though. And that’s really what keeps you coming back. Movement and shooting - if either of those is lacking, it won’t work.

It reminds me too much of quake.


Ok. It’s probably not as bad as quake but the levels and lighting made me think of the one time I tried quake or one of it’s sequels, who can remember at this point…

That paints you as someone with an irrelevant opinion when it comes to shooters. Achievement unlocked?

As opposed to you explaining to someone else why they do/don’t like something (and to be clear, I am referring specifically to your first post in the thread)? This isn’t even a particularly good troll, so no irony achievement for you.

Oh shush.

I was interested by the words they said, but not the video they showed me.

Yeah, it’s a little too throwback.

Looks promising. This chap seems to understand Doom better than pretenders like Serious Sam and Painkiller. I enjoy those games, but they don’t play like Doom. Always baffles me to see writers refer to them along those lines.

Serious Sam takes the First Person Robotron element of Doom and cranks it up to 11, at the expense of any interesting level design, and Painkiller is just a more graphically pleasing version of any nondescript late 90’s/early 00’s shooter, just with Serious Sam’s enemy wave spawning shoehorned into levels that are only kind of built for that.