Writers: Do you hate everyone?

Really, it’s the only one left.

Is this limited to just game journalists, or can anyone with “writer” somewhere in his or her job description respond?

Because if so, YES.

I’m not a games journalist, but I have a lot of readers… and I hate most.

microsoft buys hate?

To be fair, most of your readers are clueless.

Ban new thread buttons?

I’ve heard of this “reading” thing before… what’s that all about?

These “words” and “letters” are too much for you. Go play a Nintendo game instead.

I don’t hate my readers at all. I don’t know where K0NY got all this crap. The only people I get irritated with are the ones that don’t read the article and feel the need to comment on it about something I specifically covered. That’s what happens when you get dugg, though.

I’m an ex-game journalist, and I’ll admit that we would sometimes make fun of the dumb reader letters we’d get. But on the whole, we viewed our readers as people very much like ourselves, as my co-workers and I were all enthusiastic enough about games to work for a video game magazine.

Yes I do.

I don’t. That may be why I’m not very good.

I’m full of self-loating.

Hey guys,

Could we please ease up on cluttering the forum with joke threads? There’s plenty of room to discuss a topic or make a funny in the thread that spawns these spin-offs.


Tom’s answer is “YES”.

Not to mention that at a time when this board is getting a lot of industry focus due to the CGM closing and Tom may be looking for more work as a result that this type of thread makes us look like a bunch of goofballs.

Well, Tom posted that reply to all the threads that spawned after the main one, so I don’t think it’s related.

Plus, I doubt there’s a commissioning editor out there who a: hasn’t heard of Tom, or b: not already come here and seen we’re a bunch of Yentas,

Tom said stop the tomfoolery.

For the most part yes.