Wrong forum, my bad

wrong forum, my bad

This film is not yet rated.

I liked the book better.

My kids love the sticker bood adaption.

Not worth seeing in the theatre, wait for the DVD instead.

Ebert really missed the point of this one.

A rare case of the sequel being better than the original.

The PC version of the movie sucks. They totally miss the plot. It’s all sizzle and no steak.

Tom has the poster for the movie in his house. I guess he liked it.

Just watched the movie on YouTube. Another Uwe Boll fiasco. Man that guy has no clue.

Waste of a download, really.

I’m pulling my review.

Wes Anderson’s weakest by far.

A meta thread, and I started it.

I’ll never live this down.

Although the Grace Jones nude scene had a bit of class…

and that would be “Cold Shower 101”


Dude. TMI.

Natalie Portman is the hottest tomboy beanpole ever!

Edit: Wrong forum, my bad.

WTF, everyone’s seen it by now. That’s like saying put spoilers on a LotR thread.