WTF Alabama?

MONTGOMERY – The Alabama House has approved a resolution that praises Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean for speaking out against gay marriage. The House approved the resolution Thursday by Republican Rep. Jay Love of Montgomery on a voice vote.

Of all the crap going on, you took time out and wasted taxpayer money for THIS?!?!?! She’s not even from your f*ing state!

You’re complaining about the time & money involved? Dude… it’s not like it’s that time-consuming to pander to their bigoted base. The fact that they did it at all should be more of a concern.

That bothers me the most - was simply so confounded people can be like this, and that the rest of the AL house passed it. When are the rest of the so-called Christian people in this country going to be as progressive as we are here? Frustrated with all the hate and intolerance.

Living in the deep South for as long as I have…the “so-called-Christians” will never come around. The state (AL and MS) will probably only pass gay marrige laws when it becomes Federal, or the OTHER 48 states approve it. Not exactly on the cutting edge of civil rights down here. Unless of course you believe straight white Christians are the only people allowed civil rights. THEN they are #1!

I think, much like with dragging the south into the modern world in regards to race issues, this will ultimately come down to the federal government overriding local laws and local desires. But we are a ways from that happening still, we need a good solid core of states that have gay marriage laws first.

This is pretty boring. But if they had passed a resolution praising the citizens of California for reinstating a gay marriage ban, then that would be hilarious.

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I hope the National Guard gets sent in eventually; that’ll be funny.

Uh, when you say “here”, I presume you mean QT3, not where you live :)

LOL yea QT3. You have to drive 100 miles East to get out of intolerant land here - hehehehe.

Nevertheless, you’re in a hotbed of liberal hedonism compared to Holland.

QT3, the model of tolerance. :)

Heh. This and the political gap thread remind me of Shreve’s famous questions to Quentin Compson.

Hah, had to Google that one even though I just finished that book. I found it absurdly worthless through the first section and half of Quentin’s, but then couldn’t put it down.

I think they should pass an amendment praising the contestant they showed on last week’s episode of the Soup who summoned all her public speaking skillsto deftly evade a question about universal heathcare she didn’t seem to understand by insisting in her strong belief that the issue is a matter of integrity, no matter what your politics may be.

Alabama’s governor resigns over sex-campaign contribution scandal. Over and under? Around $60,000 and a divorce from wife of 50 years.

Here’s the official investigation report. Lot’s of what you’d expect. Mismanagement, using funds and office resources to carry on the affair. A little sad, really.

But there is one bombshell.

Remember when Alabama closed 31 DMV offices in predominantly low-income neighborhoods making it difficult for black people to vote? That was the mistress Rebekah Mason’s idea.

Collier reported that Mason proposed closing multiple
driver’s license offices throughout the State and asked ALEA to put together a plan.
It was Collier’s understanding that Mason intended the plan to be rolled out in a
way that had limited impact on Governor Bentley’s political allies. Collier claims he
reported this to the Attorney General’ s office because he was concerned about a
Voting Rights Act violation.

Collier ultimately assented to the closure plan, but through the use of an
objective metric based on processed transactions per year to determine which offices
to close. Collier estimated the ultimate savings to have been just $200,000, which is
consistent with media reports. We were told that Governor Bentley approved this
approach except that he wanted the office in Senator Gerald Dial’s district to be
removed from the closure list. Ultimately, the decision to close the offices was
reversed, in part, after the state litigated the issue with the U.S. Department of
Transportation, which had claimed that the closures had a disproportionate impact
on minority communities.[/quote]

Here’s the kingmaker quote:

Governor Bentley’s typical reaction to any advice given without Mason present was,
“What does Rebekah think about it?”[/quote]

If 31 DMV offices run on only $200,000 then it’s no wonder they’re so slow!

Ah, DMV jokes.

It’s always nice when real life mirrors fiction …