WTF... Creepy sex offender!

Hide your children!


What you get when you hit Michael Jackson in the face with a sledgehammer, Alex?

I would hate to be that guy.

What does “Gross Sexual Imposition” mean?

Gross Sexual Imposition means…

Does the “not the spouse of offender” provision mean that under that jurisdiction rape is ok as long as it is within the marriage? :shock:

Yeah, the wife would have to press charges on something other than gross sexual imposition.

Farting during sex would be my guess.

I seriously feel for that guy.

Just look at our reactions.

Most likely, Mr. Peppers is afflicted with Crouzon Syndrome.

I guess nobody wants to be a Pepper after all.

With a mug like that he was destined to be a pedophile. I see him as a middle school janitor, drooling from the left side only, giggling maniacly and swaying his hips to force his monstrously deformed erection to press up against the broomstick as he mops the boy’s locker room.

I mean what else could he be? Can you imagine walking into H&R block and asking that horrifying freak to do your taxes?

It’s like naming your daughter Cherry or Tiffany, people, she’s gonna be strippin’. It’s destiny.

Actually don’t name your daughter Destiny either, that’s a porno name.

Oh man.

That site’s a great way to scare away people from having kids.

Someone sent me the link to that a few days ago. I was stunned for like 10 min. Then I sent it to all my friends. Seriously thats whack.

The picture of the mouth with the miniplates in it is the worst. It looks like someone just took a drill to the gums.