WTF, Firefox? Seriously, WTF?

This post brought to you by Internet Explorer.

So a few days ago Firefox crashed and burned. I opened it up and no bookmarks, can’t connect to any website. Obviously IE works. checked for possible solutions. Can’t restore anything because no files exist. Gone, poof. So I uninstall and reinstall. No joy. I regedit and delete everything related to Mozilla or Firefox. Reinstall. No joy. In fact Firefox still has my addons. Can’t connect to anything. Any ideas?

Ran antivirus, no hits. Ran rootkit remover, no hits.

It sounds like you haven’t really removed everything left over from Firefox. If your addons are still there that suggests that your user profile still exists. Suggest cleaning everything from your Firefox personal prefs out too. Then reinstall and import bookmarks from IE. Another option is to consider Chrome since Firefox is falling behind these days. Diego

If you look in the Help menu, there is a “Troubleshooting Information” option, where you can reset Firefox to its default state (which basically gives you a brand new profile folder with no add-ons). Sounds like that’s your best bet.

Your profile folders, btw, are usually located at:


Thanks for the help folks. It’s almost funny. When I click on Help, Firefox stops responding. As well, there is no Appdata folder. I have been considering Chrome but I hate to leave something hanging like this.

AppData is a hidden folder. Turn on “Show hidden items” in Windows.

use everything from or go start, run, %appdata%

Of course this is the one installation where I didn’t immediately show hidden files. :-P

Edit: So I have a new install working now. I still don’t know what caused it. I’m guessing that Netflix was the culprit. It caused the browser to hang and I forced a shutdown. So now I just have to rebuild my bookmarks. Luckily I have an older laptop with most of them.

Thanks again for the help.

In case this happens in the future, you can use MozBackup to export/import profiles.

MozBackup is amazing. I just used it recently to transfer my Firefox stuff to a new rig.

Firefox had a spaz on me the other day. It wouldn’t even give me the “close the tab you think might be causing trouble” till I rebooted the machine, even when I tried to start it in safe mode. Then I got that dialog I mentioned, but only then.

FWIW, I had something similar happen once when one of my kids installed some innocuous seeming freeware download that of course had a nasty browser toolbar payload. The damned thing put itself into my profile and then made parts of my browser profile read only so that it was impossible to completely remove this addon without manually going in and changing folder permissions in a hidden folder. Aggravating as heck and should be illegal.

I learned the hard way years ago: nobody touches daddy’s pc.