WTF Google releasing more chat clients


WTF is going on there? Hangouts being split into Chat and Meet.


Jesus fucking christ


You know what I liked? Talk. Talk worked. It did everything I needed it to and nothing I didn’t want it to. And then for no fucking reason they killed it in favor of Hangouts, which is substantially worse for my purposes.


Hahaha What about Allo and Duo from 2016 I/O?


I agree completely. Did they ever update hangouts to show only online contacts? I bacially quit using it on my phone due to the crap.


They’ve renamed the default SMS app many times now too.


Talk was perfect, man. Online/offline contacts, statuses, full XMPP compliance, direct integration with Gmail, working desktop client. . .

Hangouts could have been better–the brief integration with Texting was a really nice step, but no automated failover or combo view killed that–but they wound up losing too many features without replacing them.

The Allo-Duo split is just the height of stupidity in the wake of that, and adoption rates showcase that.

This new shit? Jesus christ man.


I can only explain it that the Google employees get performance bonuses in pay whenever they release/name a new product.




Evidently, those are just Allo and Duo for enterprise clients


No, the text messenger (Chat) is much more feature-rich than the immediately failed Allo. Like the article says, they’re attacking Slack and Hipchat, in the same way that Allo attacked WhatsApp and Duo attacked Skype/Facetime.

The video messenger (Meet) is nothing like Duo either, supporting up to 30 people. It’s attacking Webex.


I don’t know what any of those things are except Slack. And I’ve never used that.


Once they moved to hangouts things just stopped working right for me. Talk was fine for nearly 99% of the time for us. We just shifted to trying Discord for most things this week though.

Facetime is an Apple something right?


You never heard of WhatsApp, Skype, or Facetime?


WhatsApp and Messenger are Facebook, FaceTime is Apple (but an open standard?), and Skype is Microsoft. HipChst is Atlassian and Slack is independent. That’s prob why it is so popular, in part.


Apple made some promise of making FaceTime an open standard but never did.


Yes, Jobs promised that when he introduced it, but they rethought it. Pity.


For someone who’s been using Hangouts as the primary way I interact with my Google Voice number this is getting confusing. I can switch to the updated Google Voice, but AFAIK that doesn’t do VOIP calls like Hangouts.


It doesn’t, sadly. I’m still using the OG hangouts myself.


Doesn’t talk still work? I use Adium, and still chat with people through talk. Hangouts doesn’t seem to integrate with ANYTHING though, so I’ve never used it.