WTF is going on here with this game?

Okay, so I must have missed the memo on Guitar hero 3 being work thousands of dollars. I realize it’s a big hit this winter, but is this F’ing crazy or what? Some dude on ebay just sold a copy of his for like $9k? How does that happen?

The story behind it is awesome. He bought it for his kid for christmas, but then caught the kid smoking a dubie in the backyard with some other kids. Put the game on ebay. But why did it get such a huge bid? Someone help me to understand this.

I was just as puzzled by this.

Notice that almost all bids from $222 up are from the same bidder. Isn’t there some kind of auto-bid thing where you can set an upper limit? It looks like he got owned.

Ha, it’s the kid tring to save his own christmas. Sometimes a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

Reading all of the guy’s later comments is worth it.

And I warned him: if you do set up and ebay account just to be the high bidder on this item, I will report you as a non-paying bidder and give you negative feedback! I’ve done it before buddy, and I will do it again!

I like this guy.

I hope the high bidder pays.

There’s a real threat for you. Oh noes, my fake eBay account is gonna get negative feedbacks!

some how this was deemed news worthy

If the seemingly LIKELY situation of a non-paying bidder winning the auction is realized, that will be the end of it. I will not beg or plea someone to pay, nor will I give out second chance offers. My son will get the guitar hero game. Just my assertion of this is almost guaranteeing that this will be the outcome.

That little part seems like a license for the bidding to just get stupid. It also sounds like this guy wouldn’t report someone for making an outrageous bid then not paying as long as it was an established Ebay account. I’d be very surprised if the winning bidder, or anyone who bid more than $200 for that matter, had any intention of paying at all.


Say it with me, Doobie

Also, this puzzled me as well… 9k for a game? I hate rich people.

This doobie is a dubie, dude. Dubie, dubie, dubie, do.

Only old farts from the 60’s say doobie. Seriously. I doubt these days kids would even know what that /means/ let alone say it.

Ask a kid what a “lid” is

In ham radio, a “lid” is a radio noob.

This story was reported on my local news yesterday morning as an actual fact. Yeah, I thought the odds on someone paying 9k for it was a bit high…

I just never know what you’re gonna know about, babe. So mysterious!

It’s a nickle bag and a dime bag rolled up into one!