WTF is his problem?

So, this stems from the meltdown in the Fallout 3 thread.

Here we go.

December 14, 2007 After a 13 month battle with prostrate cancer my dad died of either a heart attack or a pulmonary embolism. (either way the end result was the same)
Up to that point the fight seemed to be going in his favor.
Every thing the doctors had done to combat the cancer worked, for a while anyway, then, they’d have to move on to the next step up.
He was 61.

December 17, 2007 My 19 year old niece gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I’m not just an uncle, but a “great” uncle. (ha ha)

March 29, 2008 Niece had been out with friends, got home, went to check on baby, started screaming.

He was already cold./quote]
SIDS. (apparently our state ranks 15th in SIDS deaths)

Now, if you want, we can go back to 2005, my aunt, (dad’s older sister) died of lung cancer November 10th or so. ( hey look, that’s the day after tomorrow)

Back up 3 years to 2002 and my gandma, (dad’s mom) went into the hospital to have a polyp removed from her colon. Which would, [quote] Greatly improve her “Quality of Life”.
(quote from quack doctor)
Except for some reason, the abscess behind the polyp didn’t show up on any scan or in any blood test. (oooops, see, when you expose cancer cells to the atmosphere, they run rampant through the body like wildfire)

She probably won’t make it to Halloween.
(quoting dr quack again)
Grandma apparently heard this from either him or one of us and actually made it a week past Halloween, just to prove the fucker wrong.

Back up another 8 years and grandpa, (dad’s dad) had a stroke in September, then another one in October, then 5-6 more, til his body couldn’t take it any more and he died. (buried him on Halloween 1994)

So, for most people, the holidays are a bit depressing.
For our family now, well, they are just downright brutal.

Yeah, all of this depresses me quite a bit.

Mostly though, I’m really really really fucking pissed right the fuck off about my dad dying.

Forgive me if I sound a little crass, but having not read more than a fraction of the Fallout thread, I am a little confused. Is there a backstory behind why you posted your family’s medical history in EE?

Not to diminish your grief, but if it’s causing you to have explosive public meltdowns a year later, you should go get some counseling.

Also – given that you’re dealing with a community of people whose average age is in the mid-late 30’s, nearly all of us have suffered significant loss by now. Again, I’m not trying to downplay what you and your family have been through, but, well, bad shit happens to everybody eventually.

My condolences on what sounds like a really rough period of your life.

Don’t stress too much about the occasional forum melt down. It happens to just about everyone now and again.

The last thing you need to be worrying about is what a bunch of random internet people think about you.

I also suggest going to some grief councelling. We’re a gregarious species and sometimes our local community/family units can’t provide the support we need, and it sounds like you need some support right now.

Do not make the mistake of taking this forum too seriously. Tis not healthy.

Also, maybe not formalized “counseling,” but an honest chance to talk through the obvious pain you’re in could be very helpful. How often do we really get the chance to talk to someone who’s there to do noting but listen to you?

You know, if you hadn’t posted this, I’d never have known you had a meltdown. 99% of people would have either been out of the loop or forgotten it. Now, however, I am party to some memorable real life drama, which only inspires pity.

Pity’s not the road you wanna roll down.

Even people who read your outburst didn’t think much of it, since, well, there was at least one outburst of similar magnitude every 3 pages of that thread.

I didn’t read either the OP or the outburst thread, but what I really want to know is what a cardboard cutout of John Candy would have done.

It’s “prostate.”


Awesome summary!