WTF is MechWarrior Tactics?

Man, I have my hopes FIRMLY up, so I hope this turns out to be something amazing.

Oh lord. I may have done a little sex wee.

For all I know it’s an email harvesting site. In which case, well done to them, because I signed up for it immediately.

If this is the next iteration of mech commander I will asplode.

Call me when that TotalBiscuit guy asks the question in the thread title.

Isn’t this that Facebook game that was announced a while ago?

I’m also hoping it’s Mech Commander, and not some mamsy-pansy free to play bull shit but a full on single and multiplayer experiene (or if only one of those is possible - single player).

I would guess not, since whatever this is won’t be announced until that count down timer expires.

All that anyone seems to know is that it’s a F2P game, but at least it’s not Facebook (per a PR rep). I’d be prepared for microtransaction hell, but a Mech Commander style of game seems like it would fit well within a F2P environment.

A LoL with Mechs? That would essentially grant someone free access to my wallet.

This sounds a lot like the free-to-play mech gameusing the World of Tanks model for equipment and crew upgrades discussed a bit at the end of this thread.

Edit: checking the link to Dan Theman’s article confirms these are different games put out by the the same publisher.

Took the words out of my mouth. :)

Registered and hoping for the best!

Post-registration email:

Thank you for registering your Commander name for an exciting new Free to Play offering from the MechWarrior® universe. You will be receiving more news soon!

Free to play? god dammit

Meh. I’ll register anyway.

Why do you hate freedom, Brian?

Don’t forget ponies. Brian fucking hates ponies.

I got the name I wanted. So there’s that. And a spam email account just in case.

Ponies suck.

20ish minutes to the reveal! I hope it is good.

Okay, now what?

I dunno, but that is a pretty sweet picture.