WTF is up with Amazon Prime lately?

Grrr. I ordered a shiny new Corsair K70 keyboard on Wednesday, but they didn’t even get the shipping info to FedEx till yesterday, and now FedEx’s site shows Monday delivery. If they’re not able to ship same day their system should automatically make it a one-day shipment.

Toss in the ever-increasing number of “add-on” only items (which bring us back to the heady days of yore where we searched endlessly to get up to $25 so we could get our nail clippers with free super-saver), the constant items that say they’re “In-Stock” but don’t ship for 2-4 weeks. . .

. . . dunno, if it keeps up, I may not renew my Prime next year. May just move to Shoprunner instead.

Well, they can eat me. I was kind of eyeing the K95 for just 20 bucks more, and my local Fry’s has it in stock (they claim) so I’ll be sending the K70 back.

BTW when I contacted Amazon customer service they essentially said “oh well I guess it’s coming Monday, too bad” with nary a mention of a gift card or anything. F that.

Assuming you’re actually there for the delivery and the FedEx guy doesn’t just drop the item on your doorstop you can refuse delivery for a slightly more streamlined “return” process than actually having to return it yourself.

I must be having pretty good luck. I can’t remember the last time an order didn’t come in on time and I order a lot from prime.

On add-ons, there’s a check box to hide add-on items. I don’t see it as a problem. If anything, I wish they had a “show only add-on items” box for those times when I’m over $25 and would like to try for an impulse bargain buy.

Yeah I use Prime a lot too and I haven’t noticed an issue with shipping times being late yet. In fact I have had the slightly opposite experience a few times where I’ve had items arrive a day earlier than promised, but the only time I have had something arrive later than the day “guaranteed” prior to checkout is some Xbox 360 game (maybe Halo 4?) which got delayed by a day due to some freight train derailment (which I don’t fault Amazon for).

I do know of that possibility, but it’s unlikely that I’ll be here precisely when the delivery happens. Luckily my workplace on Swan Island in Portland is extremely near both FedEx and UPS customer service facilities.

I think 3 of my last 7 packages have been late. I was hoping it was just me…some have been coming by USPS and those haven’t done well. Last late one was 3 days late on 1-day shipping. Grrr. But then the next two made it ahead of schedule.

Sounds like that’s beyond Amazon’s control (unlike the OP’s scenario). If Amazon handed it over to the shipper in a timely fashion and used the appropriate type of service (e.g., 1 day or 2 day), than the lateness is due to the shipper.

Some of them have had the “preparing to ship” and “shipping soon” for 24 hours-ish, which I think is new, but I don’t know if Amazon controls that. I really don’t know what goes on when they’re preparing it for shipment, or how they decide which shipper will send it.

Edit: I’ll have to start paying more attention.

It’s been like that for a while now, a few months or longer. I’ll order something and it’ll be in process for a day or so before they ship. Not all that annoying here since they don’t do two-day to Alaska so it’s just free standard shipping. The add-on stuff is really annoying though. I find myself buying less from Amazon as a result of this and prices just aren’t that great from what they used to be for a lot of items.

I’d say the majority of stuff I buy nowadays says its “Prime” but I cannot get next day shipping on it. I don’t understand why if they’re more than $20.

I’m finding your post very confusing.

  1. Prime is 2-day shipping, not next day.

  2. I don’t know what $20 dollars has to do with it, at all. Are you confusing super saver shipping for non-Prime members with Prime?

  3. Are you confusing add-on items? Are you buying from a non-Prime seller for an item that is offered as Prime?

Mine was “shipping soon” or “shipping now” on Amazon’s order page from when I ordered it at 2:41 PM Pacific on Wednesday till 10:50 AM Thurs. when I got the “has shipped” email from Amazon with a tracking number. Looking at FedEx’s site, it looks like it took till 3 PM local time (Indiana) for “shipping info to be sent to FedEx.” BUT, the package didn’t leave FedEx’s Indianapolis facility till a full 24+ hours later at 3:45 PM Friday (note, almost 48 hours after I ordered it–the “almost” allowing for the timezone difference). Gimme a break.

I think it is kind of funny that if it takes three days for our stuff to arrive than we get mad. I remember having to order things through the retailer and waiting a couple of weeks for them to get the item. Than it would take a bit longer until I found the time to go back to the store to pick it up.

I can live with it taking an extra day here and there - because it still comes to my house. ;)

I have noticed lately that it is taking longer to process my order but it seems to happen on fulfilled orders by Amazon for a particular private vendor.

Prime is free 2-day shipping AND an option to upgrade to next day for $3.99. I could understand why for some people the next-day option is a better deal than the free shipping.

That doesn’t explain the post, though. The availability of next day is not tied to Prime- just the price. If he means next day is offered, but at more than $3.99, then the post would make more sense. JP’s mention of $20 also implies some weird understanding of Prime.

I don’t think anyone would have a problem with things taking longer if we weren’t paying $80/yr for a service that, as its main sales pitch, guarantees two-day delivery.

$3.99 is no longer true. They changed this in the past month. It’s $3.99 at a minimum, and goes up based on size/weight. I’ve seen next-day prime charges for $11.99. 2 day is still free as usual.

But you get more than just two day delivery. You get both movies and television shows and if you have a kindle free ebooks to read (not own) too.

I have been a prime member for a long time and I think it is worth it even if sometimes it takes longer (in my experience does not happen that often). Sometimes it is as simple as the UPS/ Fedex person not able to find my house (new development not on google maps yet).