Wtf is up with

I’ve noticed for about the last week I can’t get a quicktime or wmv stream to actually fire up over at That site used to be super-turbo fast. I just buffer forever and ever.

Anybody having similar or different luck with it? Maybe it’s just my local akami node or something - but it doesn’t do jack from home or work for me now.

Works fine for me. I’ve checked out a few trailers in the last couple of days in both formats (including this afternoon).

It’s pretty much the worst site on the internet.

It worked a couple days ago when I was bringing up some footage.

Site rocks hard imo. I’d be surprised if it lasts a year and still offers the awesome speed/reliability that it has now without some lame subscriber system.

Seems to work ok from my office today. Last night I tried it with 3 different machines on my network, and sent an IM to my boss to check it on his home network across town. Same results - buffer 10 minutes to get to 1%. We’re both on the same segment of Roadrunner here.

I’ve noticed that Youtube is dragging as well. However, if you go to it’s lightning fast as ever. So, it’s not a problem with the data rate or protocol on our systems. Seems like our local roadrunner is playing some QOS games with these two sites perhaps?